We have reached a time where natural childbirth is an unusual event. Our guests today provide a road map and documents to show us all how it is done. The medical system itself is now geared to do what it does with little or no deviation from corporate procedure. This will include many immediate medical interventions the moment a new life enters our realm. We learn that verbal communication is nearly always ignored and that well-crafted documents lay out a path to success. As we recorded this episode the new life that has come into our realm would have received approximately 15-20 inoculations! As it stands now the new life we are covering here has had no so called medical interventions to include how (and when) the umbilical cord was cut and what was done with the placenta, cord and caul. We must ask – Does this new life have a head start compared to the many thousands of babies who will follow corporate protocol? The first few weeks have shown a healthy, happy and sharp minded new life free of man-made substances. A child arrived just the other day and came to this world in an unusual way!

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