Our guest filed papers against the governor of Texas aimed at ending the illegal mask mandate. And while we cannot prove a one to one connection, the mandate ended shortly after the filing, followed by another 20 states. A couple weeks later the end of the political mask extravaganza had reached the eastern seaboard of our country. It is interesting to note the speed at which news and talking heads ran away from the previous Machiavellian-like illegal mask mandate enforcement. As has been said many times, neither governors nor presidents have the authority to dictate anything to Americans and the CDC is a corporation not a governing body. Five years ago I doubt anyone would have believed that soon legal documents would need to be filed just to go out in public and breathe fresh air. It remains to be seen how men and women will react to the next scamdemic but you can bet your last dollar there will be one. What we know for sure is that a few brave minds will make a stand and lead the way and if that leadership is ignored, it will be at our own peril.

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