The so called Greatest Generation referred to my grandparents, and many in that generation died with false teeth having lost what they were born with. The following was the generation my parents belong to, who were born around the 1930s, and many of which kept all their teeth until death. The current generation has fallen into retrograde as missing teeth and false teeth are once again becoming commonplace. Not only that, degraded tooth health is affecting many in mid-life, as opposed to old age, as in generations past. To add insult to injury, many common modern dental procedures are now being identified as toxic, detrimental and unhealthy. We cover, in this episode, how tooth health relates directly to mind and body health and how some currently accepted dental practices can actually lead to terrible health issues. Among these practices is the use of mercury to fill teeth and root canals – or any procedure that implants metal in the body or bone. To cap this pyramid of decline it should also be noted that in the time since the greatest generation, certain dis-eases have skyrocketed, like: – Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism and endless forms of Dementia – to name a few. This socially engineered retrograde can be seen in the symbol used for drugs –Rx – which means retrograde in older usages. For those who have paid attention the starting point for modern societal retrograde could be placed historically at 11/22/63.

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