Is there a second or source sun? I am betting that yes there is and have found old accounts that agree. In our era this still needs to be proven, though the filmed evidence is mounting. At dawn on the 10th of June, in two days, an annular solar eclipse will occur. The last eclipse allowed us to know that filming the sun we do not see is possible at this time, and this eclipse has gone un-reported as spraying has picked up. If you can go out at dawn on this day shoot with video and both over and under expose the footage while searching immediately around the sun we see. As a bonus, when the eclipse ends Venus will be rising close to where the sun rose so use a landmark at sunrise to later find very bright Venus. This is a big event and the news has ignored it – which tells us all something. Let’s get out and film!! All interesting footage can be linked in the Crrow777Radio forum in the thread called Second Sun Evidence.

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