325- Bamboo is Proof of Skyclock Influence – The Clockmaker Is (Free)

Without the grass family our world would be difficult, multiplied to the nth degree. Consider wheat and rice and then consider bamboo (all grasses) which has so many uses it boggles the mind. Bamboo is the king of grasses and seems to be one of those things put in our world to ensure we could survive. Not only is bamboo food but it is a building material extraordinaire. The tensile strength of bamboo has been shown to exceed that of steel. Bamboo ranges in size from little more than ground cover, to massive 16’ diameter culms reaching over 100 feet in height. There are two overarching types of bamboo, namely running and clumping, which refers to the root system called “rhizome”. Bamboo is also definitive proof of the influence of the Skyclock over our world. And where there is a clock, there is a clockmaker. Like all plants in our world, bamboo proves the creator of this creation. If there is a more important or amazing plant in our world, I am unaware of it, and I will spend the totality of my days in awe of bamboo.