Back in 1968 a film called 2001 a Space Odyssey was released by MGM (=33) to world-wide acclaim. It is based on a book written by Arthur C. Clarke. The film is stunning in scope and delivery, the story… not so much. But who could have possibly known, back then, the echoes that would ripple forward in time? Thirty Three years later we arrived at the 21st century in the year 2001, the date in the title of the pre-echoing film. As we now know this number play has become representative of our current time as the long-game unfolds across the entire world. Of course, 19 years after the Seminole year 2001, we all experienced the year 2020 which leaves us currently in the year 2021. Are you noticing a numerical theme here? Do you feel like you are gambling in Vegas at the blackjack table in a house that always wins? Even the sequel to this film called 2010 is playing the 21 game. With so much riding on a Jack and Ace of Spades, we use this episode to break down the mind numbing game at hand – and so much more. Most people think 21 should reduce to 3, but in this case it reduces to 11. And the wheel in the sky keeps on turning as we head toward 2022, to meet the master builders who are about to leave the shadows as they plan to dim the sun…

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