418- Identifying the Id While Turning Off the Music in My Head (Free)

The first big budget Sci-fi movie was Forbidden Planet released on 3/11/56. And then there is the movie Revolver that sneakily released two versions on 9/11/05. One version of Revolver cut out (US release was cut, watch the longer version) psychologists explaining the main premise of the film. To cut to the chase, the main (more…)

397- Words, Myths and the Pan You Don’t Cook with, Have Meaning (Free)

Words have meaning and so do myths. Both are employed daily in modern media, to include the implied, and yet plausibly deniable associations. Unfortunately, very few of us take time to comprehend what is masquerading under the narrative of modern media. The author of the new book “Demic of Pan” joins us to discuss the (more…)

378- A Superb Owl and a Common Spider Walk into Bar and a Person Leaves (Free)

“See” Ovid’s book about transformation titled “Metamorphoses” if you would like to know more about the Arachne/Minerva myth covered in this episode. Metamorphoses was written by a Roman for Roman’s and serves to “connect” Rome to a time of gods and heroes. In this episode we will address the elite cliché “weaving spiders come not (more…)

347- Eugene’s Gambit, Endgame via the Infinity Pawn Sacrifice (Free)

One might think the population of mankind is out of control, and using cities as the example, more so. But research shows that world population has been falling for decades now and city population is not the measure of world population. Many races have hit, or are near, the all-important 2.5 birth rate metric, from (more…)

341- Machine Tech & Natural Man – You Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated (Free)

This is part III of the transhumanism trilogy. Within these 3 episodes we have outlined the stated goals of the transhumanism movement and that it openly states their plan will come to pass. Within the movement it is also openly stated that transhumanism will create a divide (war actually) in all societies between those who (more…)

339- Computer = Artificial Body, no Spirit, and no Soul = without Nature (Free)

Two of the stated goals of Transhumanism are to cure disease and create longer life-spans, using machines. According to the old natural sciences this is only achievable by ingesting things that make up the body or natural things the body uses to build itself. One might ask if one of these ideas is correct then (more…)

289- 1977 Star Wars – The Power of the Force over Weak Minds (Free)

    There are a number of ways we could have broken down the 1977 film Star Wars – from in-fighting between Masonic orders to the Acceptable Year of the Lord. Instead we have gone at archetypes and coding. In the mid-seventies film began to change, once again, with the blockbuster becoming a driving force (more…)

261- Counting the ways using Older Ideas – Numbers, 1-9 (Free)

    As we enter the age of Air it is critical to have at least a basic grasp of what numbers mean and how they are used in ways never taught in school. Though these ideas are nothing new, the modern era did all it could to hide what was once widely known. News (more…)