Two of the stated goals of Transhumanism are to cure disease and create longer life-spans, using machines. According to the old natural sciences this is only achievable by ingesting things that make up the body or natural things the body uses to build itself. One might ask if one of these ideas is correct then – how can the other be? Simple logic based on proven ideas might answer this question. The elemental sciences of old have proven that all things in this world associated with life can be broken down into Body, Soul and Spirit. All three of which are created by and derived from natural processes, free from artificial man-ufacture. A computer, assessed in this way, appears to possess 1/3 of the whole demonstrated by nature – or the body. But can the shell of a computer be considered a body if it exists solely by artificial man-ufacture and in the absence of natural processes? This thought experiment might be considered old fashioned but it does seem to force consideration of the place and function of technology and machines Vis-à-vis life. And if there is no lie in nature what can be said of machines and technology when compared? Is there an acceptable interface here, or is the basic premise of transhumanism akin to mixing oil with water? — Implying, of course, that the oil is synthetic.

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