One might think the population of mankind is out of control, and using cities as the example, more so. But research shows that world population has been falling for decades now and city population is not the measure of world population. Many races have hit, or are near, the all-important 2.5 birth rate metric, from which no race has ever recovered, it is claimed. The women’s liberation movement of the 70s delayed reproduction in the west to begin in a women’s 30s instead of the historical early 20s. The result of this planned movement is a lower birth rate, and this is one example. There is a new game afoot that seeks to achieve a very one-sided checkmate, but it also seeks to control all future game-play. In this episode it is called Eugene’s Gambit based on the root for the word eugenics. This gambit is like nothing seen before, and takes the pawn sacrifice maneuver to unimaginable levels. The strategy is to sacrifice as many pawns as possible, to include all future games. How chess will be played in the future remains to be seen. Maybe computers will use virtual pawns, to make a pun that is not funny as it crosses a line called acceptable. Maybe there is a defense against Eugene’s Gambit that has yet to be manifested. Who knows? Chess without pawns is not chess at all but a dark mockery of a game that goes back into the recesses of history, based on the idea of nobility – of which there is currently a world shortage.

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