“See” Ovid’s book about transformation titled “Metamorphoses” if you would like to know more about the Arachne/Minerva myth covered in this episode. Metamorphoses was written by a Roman for Roman’s and serves to “connect” Rome to a time of gods and heroes. In this episode we will address the elite cliché “weaving spiders come not here” and point out that the Superbowl is a tricky reference related to Bubo. We will consider if part of the reason Rome refashioned (supposed) Greek myth was, in part, to introduce the legal idea of the person. We are certainly informed that Roman society was run by elite bloodlines claiming authority based on the idea that they were descended from the gods and heroes portrayed in older myths. This, of course, is a perversion as we can clearly see that the Greek gods are aspects of nature, which is proven by so called planets and the days of the week. It should not be lost on anybody that two of our months (July and August) still hold the names of Roman elite who claimed divinity – and then died. I will ask – are all owls superb, or just the Great Horned Owl called Bubo Virginianus? Bubo in Latin means to pour, to douse; to put out; to extinguish, and is also found in the word Bubonic, referring to a plague. We find Bubo in Latin definition, plagues, football and as the biggest, strongest and most ferocious owls. What can be said of spiders?

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