This is part III of the transhumanism trilogy. Within these 3 episodes we have outlined the stated goals of the transhumanism movement and that it openly states their plan will come to pass. Within the movement it is also openly stated that transhumanism will create a divide (war actually) in all societies between those who are on board with human/machine interface, and those who wish to remain as nature created man and woman. As with all technology we could simply ask will this supposed upgrade of nature be available to all living souls? Or for that matter is it even possible to “upgrade” nature where there is no lie? The main reason for transhumanism is to use technology to end disease and death. But, then again, these goals have been addressed for millennia in nearly every spiritual tradition we can see. As an example I present 1 Corinthians 15:55 – “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” And could we not add that it is the artificial food and products that have led to so much disease and death in the current era? Lastly, it is the Skyclock that plays the music all living things dance to via the sun. So how is it possible that artificial systems, which are 100% blind to this fact, have any validity in nature? Technology clearly exists and it exists firmly within the natural creation even though it pretends to be otherwise or somehow an improvement on the systems that created all life – in perpetuity. No batteries required.

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