In this episode we discuss the human spine and frequency. The number 33 is directly related to our spinal column and the basis of thought that led to architectural columns which is the reason I juxtaposed these two structures in the episode image. One is made by the creation, the other made by men. In older occulted traditions the spine represents a pathway to higher consciousness with the “solar” plexus being the dividing line between the lower animal tendencies and higher, or elevated, consciousness. These ideas can be directly related to frequency or, high vibration versus low vibration. Do you suppose it is a coincidence that secret societies use the 33rd degree as the highest degree, or is this too foundationally related to the number of vertebrae in the very thing that provides for “upright” beings? Consider too the overwhelming cloud of frequencies surrounding us in the digital era. Might these artificial frequencies play a role in the spiritual evolution of beings? All of this relates, of course, to the optic thalamus or so called third eye which represents a very high level of spiritual attainment. A strong moral compass and standing firmly upright with a high level of spiritual attainment is the target of mal-intent in this fallen era.

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