It is very easy to see where we have come in recent history in terms of building. As recently as the late 1800s or early 1900s we can still see beautifully built structures using mostly natural materials that give a sense of awe and wonder. If we go back in time a little further we can find magnificent structures that seem to be beyond the reach and know-how of modern builders. Now fast forward to our era of boxes and rectangles built in the angles of sorrow using nearly 100% artificial materials many of which are toxic. As minds awaken in the current era, forward progress demands that we go back to building in sync with nature and move away from toxic things and shoddy code-minded design. Is technology really the answer or is nature better suited to guide a much needed change in how we build? The angles with which we build also need to be examined and corrected. To grasp the importance of angles in building simply do an image search for Antoni Gaudi and notice the feeling that washes over you in the absence of the angles of sorrow – or 90 degrees. This is the feeling you experienced when Hollywood rolled out a modern film showing so called Hobbit Holes. Building materials and the angles that we use to build matter on so many levels it is hard to quantify. Suffice it to say these things are directly related to our modern fallen mindset and our current quality of life. Nature should be the foundation to all we do in this world and the further we move away from this truth, the longer we will endure self-imposed sorrow.

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