Subtitle: Fear and Loathing of Lost Wages … and Services
Based on: Corporate policies
Starring: Everybody
Directed by: You
Countries: All
Release date: 3/11/2020
Running time: To be decided

Our guest drops in for the third time to catch us up on a county out west. You may recall that many, in said county, lawfully interacted with the city council ending certain mandates. It also appears that similar voices have initiated a recall for the governor of California. It is becoming quite clear that those who comprehend their rights and how to use the legal system, are the few now changing the direction and momentum of the corporately implemented “new normal”. At this point we must ask – why are so few using the legal framework of this country? Or, are there many more than we know about due to the refusal of the media to report anything that does not accommodate the “new normal”? In this country we all grew up to the following mantras: This is a country of laws – and -America, home of the free and the brave. It seems we will soon determine if these formative ideas ever had any truth or value. Will we be a country of laws or will we all abide by corporate policy? At the end of the day the big push for a “new normal” leverages off the threatened loss of employment and services. Have we forgotten the endless laws that protect these rights and the system that enforces these very laws? After all, in a country of laws, enforcement follows, by design. Can corporate policy stand up to a system of laws? We will soon see and it will have been entirely dependent on the use of, or neglect of, a system of laws that has been slowly obscured and manipulated by corporations. And yet the system itself still exists…

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