On Sunday August 29, 2021– hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana. Jason and Rose were something like40-50 miles east of the main path but devastation ensued in their area. At 7:44pm Jason’s last text said: “We are starting to see some real action now”.Shortly, after that Rose’s last text said: “The power is out”. It was a numberof days before we made contact again, learning they were ok. All power,internet and services were down until the following Friday. Internet is stilldown as we release this episode. Rumor has it that sustained gusts reached in excessof 150 mph. Here in Rhode Island we got Ida’s rain the following Thursday. Asmall leak in my house filled a 14 gallon trash can in a couple hours, the remainingstorm dropping about 2.5 months’ of rain in a few hours. Ironically, Ida madelandfall 16 years, to the day after Katrina. What is in a date? What is in astorm – these days? Shall we call it nature’s fury, or something else? Manyfamilies in the immediate area of landfall are still without power as werelease this episode. If it is in your power to help those who need help, do so –as one of our community did for Jason and Rose – from two states away,delivering 60 gallons of gas to power a generator. At the time Jason was drivingmany hours away twice a day to find fuel.

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