429- All the World’s a Stage, and Here’s the Microscope (Free)

Early on in the video information revolution there were three very different men who seemed to be able to detect the illusions of this world. We communicated, influenced each other, and took part in the new revolution of the so-called truth movement online, and later helped fuel the flat earth movement. These three men were (more…)

396- Fortune Smiles on Spiritual Questions – Q & A #1 of 3 (Free)

In this episode Fortune de St. Germain joins us to answer member questions. This will be the first of three Q &A episodes recorded with Fortune. Long-time members might notice the tone and tenor of the QA episodes has dramatically shifted toward spiritual concerns, when compared to early episodes of Crrow777Radio. There will be two (more…)

348- Rain Exploded with a Mighty Crash – Nobody Fell into the Sun (Free)

On Sunday August 29, 2021– hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana. Jason and Rose were something like40-50 miles east of the main path but devastation ensued in their area. At 7:44pm Jason’s last text said: “We are starting to see some real action now”.Shortly, after that Rose’s last text said: “The power is out”. It (more…)

Epi040 – The MOON, Where No Man Has Been Before

    NASA Lied About the Moon Landings – It’s Provable The moon landings of the 60s & 70s are among the few false events we can prove. Knowing this also provides insight into other aspects of what is called space and low earth orbit. It seems, currently, that no one has ever been beyond (more…)

Epi039 – Space is an Idea Implanted in Social Consciousness by Media, TV, Movies & Books

    Space, Earth, Satellites, Planets, Sun and Moon – all Misdescribed From Star Trek to MTV and many movies, media and shows since, the image of space we all believe in is a construct made in a Hollywood basement. Is it not time, in the new millennium, to draw the line between fantasy and (more…)

Epi038 – The Space Lie, Denying Understanding of Where You Exist

    Space, Earth, Satellites, Planets, Sun and Moon – all Misdescribed You have been denied the basic knowledge of where it is you exist in the scheme of things. This is intentional and was implemented using false information about the sun, moon, planets, space and our world. Space agencies exist to ensure you know (more…)

Epi032 – 2016 A Year of False News and Propaganda

    Social Engineering with film, music & media This episode covers a number of propaganda news events from 2016. We cover deaths, false news and a number of events aimed at social engineering. If information came to you in film, media or music, it contains social engineering and in many cases contains no truth. (more…)

Epi031 – Seeing Through a His-tory Based on Fiction FREE

    Believing in a Fiction Based Reality On the tail of social engineering we jump into Cybernetics, transhumanism, eugenics and much more. We consider that much of our technical history was created by fiction writers like Isaac Asimov & Jules Verne to include the fictitious creation of nukes, satellites and even religion in the (more…)