Early on in the video information revolution there were three very different men who seemed to be able to detect the illusions of this world. We communicated, influenced each other, and took part in the new revolution of the so-called truth movement online, and later helped fuel the flat earth movement. These three men were Dave J, the Jungle Surfer and Crrow777. At some point censorship hit and the landscape online began to change and the free information exchange that started it all came to a close after a very few years. Years later I came across another man who influenced me to the same degree. He was creating image only clips that proved he could see and managed to slide under radar for some time. His name is Hoax Buster. I am proud to have him as a guest in this episode and offer him a nod of appreciation as he helped me to think in a different way about what I was trying to communicate in my work. I offer that very same nod to the Jungle Surfer and Dave J. And while the initial three of us drifted, moved on or fell out – it is all history now and what I consider the beginning of the recognition of our illusory, media driven reality, on a mass scale. It was during an interview with the Jungle Surfer that he informed me and Jason that it was exactly one month after the Lunar Wave was posted that the Flat Earth Movement launched. We checked – he was right as he so often is. Truly history is a lie agreed upon, and all the world is in fact a stage. And though censorship has ended free information exchange online, what happened back then proves that a few minds can change the way (for the better) many, many minds think about this world.

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