The film “Terrain” examines ideas based on natural science, with an eye on media in our time. Jason is the audio engineer of this film and also a narrator. As you can see the title of this episode hints that there are well-known processes in this world that already serve as proof of concept for Terrain Theory (nature). Typically, I am not very interested in theories but, I expect this idea will be proven, in spite of allopathy and mainstream pressures. Good science seeks to prove important theories but what we see now is religiosity in science where old accepted theories rule the day with no intention of finding proofs that elevate above theory. To date the theory called Terrain has been held down and snubbed by the medical establishment that accepts and protects germ theory – and bases most medicine on the idea. With the juggernaut called allopathy firmly against terrain theory it has become very difficult to prove the idea into a demonstrated and known thing. A film like this also points to a big problem in our era. Do non-mainstream minds have the right to improve or challenge mainstream ideas? And while we all know the answer is yes, it does nothing to remove the pressures brought to bear or threats that typically follow alternative ideas in our time. In short, scientism has a mantra in our era – If it is not in the news, it is not true. But – common sense dictates that such mantras fly in the face of a world seeking healing and cures, as opposed to symptom suppression and chemical drugs. We are starting to real-eyes that our bodies are built from nature and not laboratory chemicals. And in this realization, we are shown that only natural processes have the power to restore or maintain health.

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