We currently do not know what time it is, or what year it is, or how we came to be where we are – or how long we have been here. This, in turn, ensures we do not know what we are supposed to be doing or where we can go from here. Luckily there is a permanent record of all of these things but we have temporarily forgotten how to read that record. There are those in this world who never lost this information, but unfortunately they have become malignant and selfish, bent on hyper-materialism, at the expense of the spiritual growth of us all. But – the wheel in the sky keeps on turning ensuring that this sad state of being will not always be so. Q: What is in a season? A: Everything! Q: How do we access everything? A: The Skyclock! And when we are done playing with crayons in school, we might even learn what colors mean. Until then, we should probably get ready for Santa Claus and then the Easter Bunny…

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Derek Condit, The Bee Guy from episode 240

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