Once upon a time there were rules in a courtroom and an overarching idea of innocence until proven guilty. It feels like this has changed to the point where walking into a courtroom is the very same feeling as being set upon by an enemy. It is in this “new” reality that we again cover legal ideas in an effort to arm minds with knowledge, to confront this “new” enemy that has come out of hiding into the light of day – laws be damned. What is DUE PROCESS? What is a CRIME? What is the difference between CRIMINAL and CIVIL? These are a few questions we will cover in an effort to help those beset by an enemy. By the way, using the word enemy seems to fit where we have arrived as enemies have no concern for your rights or well-being, never mind any presumption of innocence. Once upon a time we were all presumed innocent out of the gate, and justice was blind. But behold, it is sightless justice that has led to our current lawless predicament. After all, this country was once imagined to be a nation of laws. But now, there is an effort afoot to reverse the word “law” and append it to the word “mart”. If this is successful we will all be judged at the checkout line, in the laser-red glare of the increasingly sinister cash register. If that day arrives, do not bother to ask for change.

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