544- The Plant Kingdom, Remedies & Influences from Above (Free)

The plant kingdom is the basis for the vast majority of so-called medicines in our world. But as we enter a new era there is growing mistrust of mainstream medicine due to side-effects and the stated fact that they predominantly focus on symptoms, as opposed to cures. It is for these reasons that there is renewed interest in herbology and remedies. Unfortunately, as interest rises in homeopathy, natural remedies, and the like, mainstream censorship of said topics is also rising. As an example, recent coverage of the Reckeweg remedies opened the eyes of many to what is possible, and what used to be commonplace. Many who ordered these inexpensive remedies experienced interference during delivery, for which there is no good reason. As we stand on the cusp of a new era it is important to protect and support what is important to us, and our families. Our guest, and many other herbalists are working to provide natural options in an increasingly toxic and chemically addled world. Their efforts deserve our support. Consider the shower you take each day and the amount of toxins you are exposed to using off-the-shelf shampoos, soaps and conditioners – not to mention fluoridated water. Aside from cleaning up the water, which is on you, your friendly herbalist is providing clean soaps and shampoos, among other beneficial options. And this is the key… options. In a world of growing censorship and information control, it is options that are being targeted for deletion. The plant kingdom is amazing beyond words, and what it provides makes life for us possible. It is our life-line back to nature where truth resides. It is an ever-present path leading away from a fallen, toxic and synthetic marketplace that seeks to remove all other options. I hope you decide to join us in supporting those who interact with the plant kingdom in order to provide options for us, based in nature – and truth. From remedies to soap, and much more, there is a better way, and it is within our power to support and protect “better ways”, and if successful, better days is the reward. Where will we be in 50 years? The choices and things we support, and choose to defend, will create the future that awaits us. Luckily, the plant kingdom is here to guide us.

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