Crrow777 YT Terminated Because of Lunar Wave #ModernDayBookBurning

Date: November 20, 2017

Crrow777 channel on YT was terminated on 11/19 due to a lunar wave clip. Freedom of speech is dying. Four years of non-stop telescopic observation were destroyed by YT and made unavailable to the world at large. Digital darkness is here. Natural Human Rights are being destroyed – freedom of speech, thought and expression.

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13 Comments so far.

  1. Rice says:

    Sorry to hear about your plight crrow. I sent you an email with a bad swear word in it. Sorry. This censorship must stop. It is so blatantly obvious where this is taking us. Silicon valley wants to rule the world. Something that you have said sticks with me each and every day. “take off our diapers” is one, and get “into our adult higher mind is another one”. Take care.

  2. kimberley osborne says:

    Damn One of the very few places that I felt a connection, people who actually “get it”. Again, I DO NOT CONSENT to this artificial world being implemented!! What can we do Crrow besides posting memes?!?! I want to help stop this darkness
    And thank you and Jason for being major beacons in this darkness!!!

  3. Joshua Ward says:

    That’s a BIG shame, your YouTube channel never had offensive videos or inflammatory content. Only thing you did was challenge the world around you but I think it’s obvious that the powers that be don’t like that. At least you have this website!

  4. wedonotconsent says:

    Well man… we knew it was coming… Hang in and continue. Somethings may change for the better before the worst.

    Be well..

  5. says:

    I cannot believe this is Happening, I am Furious!!!!!!!!!!, i knew i should have went through your whole youtube profile and downloaded everything from it. SO much USEFUL INFORMATION NOW GONE!!!!!!!!

    Please Crrow777 do not give up, try and fight this as much as possible, maybe there is a chance to get your channel back, the trolls are working hard to get rid of Truthseekers and openminded people like yourself who ask questions! IF you move to another video platform I’m down!!!!!!!! Iv been watching and listening to your youtube channel for a few years now and you had amazing information!!!!!! Please DO NOT QUIT THIS!!!!. the more information you spread, the more people you influence, the more minds will be awoken! I recommended you to a whole bunch of people. I am blown away that there are Youtube channels like Dark5 who have videos of complete nonsense and garbage and are still up with 2m+ subs yet you had only 80 and with REAL evidence! YOUTUBE and GOOGLE is at war against TruthSeekers, we must not give up! Please REupload all your Videos. There is a reason as to why this had happened, It is because you are on to something. They know this and are trying hard to silence you! NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER SURRENDER!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Benjamin Von Brescius says:

    This is a crime! And it gives me the shills. I wish, you would have separated the lunar work from the podcasts, so that this part of your work would be still safe. The order of events make it look like they only went after you for your free speech on the “V”-topic and so on – but it could very well be the lunar work that they are so concerned about. The lunar wave video changed everything for me and for many others. To see it vanish is sadder than sad, because it is declaration of war, not only on free speech, but on free thought itself. Thank you Crrow, and keep your head up!

  7. CosmicCompanions says:

    No more YOUTUBE. The time is now to use what power we have left and make choices that count. If YOUTUBE’S goal is to diminish free speach then why speak on this platform? Why engage and interact with an entity that has a plotted agenda to lower the human mind? By watching YOUTUBE we are supporting a tyrant dictator. NO MORE YOUTUBE.

  8. Daniel Smith says:

    I have watch hundreds of youtube vids on Aliens, supernatural stuff, MIB’s and a lot of weird stuff. And they stop you from showing the lunar wave? It means you are correct in your findings. They the gov’t, knows your are correct. I’m convinced the Lunar Wave is real. I have been a listener and a follower from your start. You asked me what I thought the lunar wave was. In my opinion, it’s a holographic projector and the wave is kinda like a “refresh” wave on the old crt monitors. They, whom ever is occupying the Moon, only have to hide the face of the moon.
    Cheers to you too.

  9. KyAuditor says:

    Even though they are asking for donations, someone is at least trying to do something about this. PragerU has filed a lawsuit against Google and YouTube.

  10. McSniper66 says:

    This really sucks, the censorship is very disturbing and it is a clear display of how desperate the controllers are becoming and will do anything to stop this information from gaining traction. We support you!

    1. Crow says:

      Thank you and Cheers –

  11. Willow says:

    This is bullshit. I’m here with you making my feelings known on other sites. You struck a nerve and in medical terms that means you are very very close to the bullseye, and so they remove you and hope you will go away. We’ll that’s really rather stupid of them.