Note to the reader* I have intentionally written these words in a non-standard style. So much of our written word is bound by endless rules that place form and style above individualism. I long for a time when the unique character of a person is placed above convention and so the written word.

– Hatybow –

Do you ever wonder about the validity of what you were taught in school? Do you ever question the version of reality you have been handed? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need to meet an extraordinary man. An incredible genius of a man nicknamed Hatybow. He answered yes to both of the questions I just asked – long before I was born. His given name was Khatib Alexander and he died in 2011. As a researcher he held many secret government positions in Russia- among other private endeavors including writing books. Near the end of his life his research was apparently forced out of his hands and sent to Israel with involvement of an oil company. For this article I will go no further into his biography but I will offer this translated link for those who wish to know him better –

– The Lunar Wave –

Four days after the fall equinox and three days before the full moon of September 2012, I set up my 8” telescope to film the moon. I was not aware of Hatybow at this time or that he had died the previous year. And while I had been filming the moon non-stop since the super moon of May that year, I had no idea that my life would drastically change this very night. As a matter of fact, my whole world view was about to change and I had already discarded an entire lifetime of learning, years before. Sometime back I had come to understand that the version of the world I had been handed, did not match the world I could see decoding around me.

I had not been filming long that night in 2012 when it happened. Actually a few very unusual things happened all at once – and in just a few seconds. For some reason I panned the telescopes field of view slightly below the moon in a way I had never done before. At that exact moment the now famous lunar wave started at the bottom of the moon. I did not notice and panned the telescope back up to the normal centered position – panning above the wave. It was then that I saw it. The lunar wave had caught up to the camera pan having been out of frame for a brief moment. I immediately thought my camera was malfunctioning yet the camera was brand new. I reached over and stopped the recording after the two waves passed, put my finger on the delete button, but for some reason, I did not push the button. This series of events would end up becoming the only solid proof I would have and later need to demonstrate that the lunar wave footage is, in fact, a filmed event that is local to what we call the moon.

– Horse Diploma –

In February of 2015 five translations of lunar research authored by Hatybow are in my possession. It is very evident that the technical nature of the work and language barrier will make the meaning of every sentence a marathon effort. I am in awe – Hatybow is talking about the lunar wave! My heart is beating out of my chest as I realize that many of the things I had come to understand about the lunar wave are already described and in much more detail. He is saying – Crow, not just near a full moon but always in the third phase of the moon up to the year 2012. He tells me – Crow, you were right, the equinoxes are important and directly related to the lunar wave but there is so much more to know! Crow- It is true that the surface you see and call the moon is one of two, an inner and outer surface. The latter is covering the secret you suspected! The system of control! Crow – the word hologram does not adequately describe the outer façade – you must learn about octaves – DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI NA . Most importantly Hatybow addresses the system of control that becomes more evident on this planet as people learn to see the embedded code that is present in every song on the radio, news cast, movie or TV show. What Hatybow is saying is akin to what Neo discovered. “The matrix has you”, but this ain’t the movies.

Anyone who dives into the Hatybow research (and many of his books and writings cannot be found!) will quickly understand that he views a typical education in the same way Pink Floyd did. “Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone!” As a matter of fact he often creates text tables with one side dedicated to “horse diplomas”, or current text book teaching, and the other side dedicated to “The concept of a new world” which is his view. I spent days trying to figure out what he meant by horse diploma. As near as I can tell it is a derisive reference to the typical diploma one would receive from a typical education. It seems to have been drawn from a movie he once saw where a horse was given a diploma. Again Hatybow tells me – Crow, you are right, school teaches you how to function in the control system but tells you nothing about the control system and ensures few will ever detect the reality of things. The term horse diploma is also a bit like a double entendre in that he also uses it to describe the abusive, natural law breaking intent of all current science and technology. Again, as near as I can tell, Hatybow is saying that the foundation of the world’s current tech is horse power and all other units of energy like ergs, joules, pascali, etc. are derived from horsepower. I believe he is saying that this type of energy production is based on explosions and waste which violates basic laws of nature – I think. He also mentions ancient cultures that had different (better) technologies and states that one of them was intentionally ended. The best translation I can muster on this matter is as follows: “Suffice it to recall the Sumerians, the Dogon and the Hyperboreans (the last superior peoples/technologies were destroyed on the Kola Peninsula under Ivan the Terrible).” He is clearly stating that these ancient cultures were using superior technology that was not in violation of natural law and that those in power ended them or their ability to use the knowledge. As for me, I have a horse diploma but I am working to improve on the things I have come to accept as true. This started many years ago and required that I throw out everything I had ever been taught. It is also the most difficult thing I have ever done.

– The Lunar Wave –

Months after starting to understand what the lunar wave probably meant I upgraded my video editing suite. One day while watching the 2012 wave footage on a 62” TV, I noticed what looked like an energy sweep moving across the moon from left to right, just as the wave begins its upward roll. It did not take long to increase the visibility of this new find with improved editing tools. As fate would have it, this was a critical turn of events. The result of this simple visibility amplification was jaw dropping. A clearly visible energy pulse came into view followed by a lateral energy pulse just as the wave begins. The game was now changed once again as the new find absolutely showed curved lines radiating around a sphere and a lateral pulse further signifying curvature and locality. Combined with the truly miraculous camera pan it was now very clear that this footage would withstand the debunkers and naysayers. The only thing missing was additional footage. As I had been associating the lunar wave with the equinoxes from the outset, what happened next demonstrated that coincidence has no place in this saga. A year and a half later I filmed another four lunar waves, three of which were right before the spring equinox of 2014 and one right after this annual solar milestone. One of the wave captures occurred during a lunar eclipse with the intriguing date of 4.14.14. All of this information was presented on YT with proof that the 2012 lunar wave does not cross the video frame. This is not going away and at last count 11 lunar waves have been filmed by 9 people.

– Systems of Control –

1980s: “What is wrong with this picture?” “Am I going crazy?”
1990s: “Everything I have been taught is wrong.”
2001: “It is now very easy to see the deception.”
0000: “I wonder how many people are aware of what is going on?”

We can all see “it” but very few of us are able to understand what it is. It is a system of control and it seems to have been here throughout history, if there is such a thing. Hatybow states that there is no history prior to year 1. While this is interesting the average person will never be able to vet information of this kind. This is true of the majority of the work Hatybow left us. There is a portion of Hatybow’s work that can be dealt with and which lines up very closely with what I have come to understand from personal research. It seems prudent to neither except nor disregard any portion of his research. It seems prudent to hold it all in mind for a later time when some further understanding becomes possible.

The time for understanding the global, covert, system of control is now. For many people staged violence in the media has become the stepping stone that will, in time, allow further understanding of the situation we find ourselves in. The majority of people cannot conceive of fraud on such a grand scale yet this too is a view of the built-in protective layers of the control system. Even though the moon landing and Sandy Hook (among an endless line of others) can be shown to be fraudulent events perpetrated on the entire planet, for the folks just mentioned, there is no evidence sufficient to the task of revelation. The main problem can be summed up in a single word and this word is also a favorite weapon of those who service the system. That word is “belief”.

Belief for many people is a thing that is adopted without investigation or critical thought. Once an individual has adopted a belief, on any topic, an insidious thing happens that is much leveraged within the system of control. The fact of the matter is that once belief is fully adopted, critical thinking no longer occurs. How can it? Belief dictates that the idea is now accepted and needs no further, or often, no initial assessment of value or fact. Belief is among the mightiest of tools wielded in knowing hands and ensures that reality will escape the view of the majority of people the system has trapped. This is a nearly insurmountable problem for most people as human beings are taught to believe in a never ending river of topics that begins before speech is even fully developed in babies. It is the natural way of things and this too is a view of “truths protective layers” hard at work ensuring the systems of control remains hidden to the average mind. After all, the freedom that has been taken from us is denied us by the manipulation of our minds. Though this next statement is now cliché, it is none the less true – the system of control we are talking about is enforced and insured by maintaining – “a prison for your mind.” The bars of that prison are “belief”.

As was alluded to above, there are measures an individual can take to begin to understand the covert system we live in. The initial and hardest step is to make and execute a commitment to throw out everything you have ever been taught and start over clean. It is among the most difficult things a person can attempt to do as it is nearly impossible to avoid slipping back into the comfortable world built over a lifetime. The second step is to refuse to believe anything unless you can prove is it worth believing – from firsthand experience. This basically comes down to accepting nothing – unless there is a damn good reason to do so based on your ability to critically think. And while this all sounds easy, it is anything but easy. Anyone who attempts to do this will quickly find the urge to revert back to the comfort zone. This will be the ever present temptation designed to get you to abandon this path.

Lastly, the system of control in the modern age is heavily serviced by all forms of media. To make things worse devices like television have reached a level of technology that allows them to be used as weapons which assault and program your brain. Televisions are not alone in this category but are probably the most dangerous to those who seek to wake up. The fact is that all electronic devices can be misused by those who prefer you remain among the pajama people.
Everything I have addresses in this essay is protected by plausible deniability. This simply means that all of it can be easily denied, dismissed and ridiculed by those who wish to disagree. At the end of the day this makes little difference because of the rules or truth. Even though we live in an age of deception, truth will never require that we defend it to ensure its survival. Truth will exist if we defend or deny it. Truth will exist even if we do not understand or recognize it.

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Well, if you interveiw Eric Dollard you will hear about the possibilities of natural technology. maybe. if you let him speak. So many others seem to be afraid of what he might say…

Autistic people think out of the box, from other perspectives, they observe the world in a different way than the average, they possess the ability to hyperfocus on a subject. Often innovators, inventors, and bothersome people because they do not comply, are unpredictable, they question what others take for granted, they notice things that escape others, the use of their brains being less standardised. That is why they can help improve societies. Often more immune to mind control than the average. They tend to have a liking for truth and fairness: maybe because they have been less polluted by this artificial nonsensical society ? Autistic feel they do not belong in this world or matrix, they are not your average… they enjoy more freedom of thought. How would a 100 % (mildly) autistic society be like ? Anybody ? One thing I suspect: the powers that be would not have power.

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