“If you do not understand that the British invasion was just that, then you are still being invaded today.”
― Crrow777

– I wrote this note without any intent to harm you –

This article will contain many facts that are not subjective. To this end I will open with a few and leave a link at the end that will allow anyone to delve into the history of the weaponization of music. It is as real as that tune in your head. By the way, why is that tune in your head? Did you put it there?

We are all aware that Elton John, Mic Jagger, Jimmy Page and many others have been knighted by the Queen of England. But what does this mean? Have you ever considered why this is done? The opening Crow quote should give you a clue but information gained in personal discovery will always hold more value than that which is offered without personal investment. I will add that it was taboo for these folks to accept such “honors” in youth, but for some reason age has made it acceptable. I guess admitting you work for the Queen is not cool until cool no longer matters.

Most people never consider what is right in front of their face. Let’s look at “Sir” Paul McCartney and the Beatles. The Beatles stopped touring in 1966 though most of the music we remember was written, by someone, after this time. The reason given, in many cases, was that the band could not hear themselves above the “manic” screams termed “Beatle Mania”. I bring this up as this “mania” was not only planned it was an early demonstration of the weaponization of music. An earlier demonstration was employed at an Elvis Presley concert spearheaded by a man with a weaponized alias – “Colonel” Tom Parker. This name was apparently taken from a commander of an army base. In this case it is well known that the Colonel reveled in the trampling stampede that was ignited by the music of the “King”- Elvis. On a side note, one might ask which one of the Beatles wrote the orchestral parts in all those loved albums that followed their exit from public touring? The violins, horns etc… It might also be asked, why was so much music written that could not be played live by a four piece band? It was many years later that electronic synthesizers and pre-recording allowed a four piece band to play these albums live. I ask knowing that the answer you will find, if you are a thinking person, will shed the veil of legend afforded these men. The very sad truth is that this timeless music, so much loved, was weaponized music and probably very little controlled by the Beatles themselves. And in case you are wondering, Elvis did not write any of the music he is remembered for.

Before I piss off too many people and lose them from this important information, I will back track to the beginning of the weaponization of music. Though we may love the legends that are said to have created the soundtracks of our lives, we need to understand what has happened to music. To be clear, all forms of frequency, including light, color and even the flicker rate of your TV, they are, by design, mesmerizing you. It has all been weaponized to ensure you sleep through the awakening. There is even an episode of Seinfeld that demonstrates this hypnotizing effect using the Eagles song “Desperado” and then further insulting us with a song from the same band called “Witchy Women”. It is episode 135, “The Checks”. If you understand what TV is for, you should check out this episode – for research and understanding.

1939 was a bad year for music. It was this year that the standard orchestral tuning for A was changed from the Fibonacci based 432 Hz (Verdi Tuning) to 440 Hz. And while this is only 8 vibrations per second, there is a perceptible difference which is also true of effect it has on our minds. The following text was taken from a webpage that is linked here and at the end of this article. (http://medicalveritas.org/musical-cult-control/)

(Start linked article text not written by Crow) “Light and sound is generated and measured mathematically, according to frequencies. It stands to reason then, following Schauf’s empirically evidenced thesis, we are engaged in a “conspiracy reality” in which ultimate power and control is waged bioenergetically (i.e., biospiritually), through frequency modulations or electromagnetic manipulations affecting “consciousness” and impacting biology, physiology, and human behavior.” (End linked article text not written by Crow, credit to linked authors)

As I pulled this important statement from the middle of an article, many will be asking – But who did this? I will give a short summary to address this question but anyone who wants the full picture should read the above linked article. The overall message and information is accurate and critically important for those who seek to wake up.

During the time between WWI and WWII scientific studies of musical frequencies for use in war were funded by both Rockefeller and Rothschild banking cartels in an alliance. This study was represented by the Rockefeller Foundation and the US Navy. The goal was to determine how to use music and frequency for population control and to produce “musical factors capable of producing psychopathology, emotional distress, and “mass hysteria” (last sentence partially taken from the linked article – credit to authors). To make a long story short, in conjunction with the outset of WWII these parties and the Nazi Goebbels worked and succeeded in getting the 440 Hz tuning implemented. During the war all broadcasting was then co-opted by the military and banking cartels and weaponized which did not end after the war. Companies like RCA were then formed and complicit. Again, the following text is taken from the linked article:

(Start linked article text not written by Crow, credit to linked authors) “The fact that A=440Hz standard tuning is relatively distressing, as adequately evidenced below (link to article: http://medicalveritas.org/musical-cult-control/) and elsewhere, implicates these parties and their research into aversive musical frequencies for military and commercial uses. ”

“These revelations best account for the “mass hysteria” demonstrated by audiences responding to “Rock-n-Rollers,” initially Elvis Presley, followed by the “British Invaders.” It was recently revealed that The Beatles were barred from performing in Israel following an investigation that prompted the education ministry to conclude the Beatles’ performances caused:”

“[H]ysteria and mass disorder. . . There is no musical or artistic experience here, but a sensual display that arouses feelings of aggression replete with sexual stimuli.” (End linked article text not written byCrow, credit to linked authors)

The above excerpts from the linked article and my abridged historical description are meant to entice readers to go read the full story and research behind the insidious act of frequency manipulation. I am writing on the accepted foundation that changing the tuning of A from 432 Hz to 440 Hz is proven harmful to humans and that it was knowingly studied and then employed against the global population. As is true of many things in this age of deception, there is a spiritual component – or should I say an absence of light disguised as light.

As is proven in the linked research, and in many other works, the banking cartels are at the root of this age of deception. It has been said, rightly in my view, that the entire course of Western Civilization was changed from one of rising to a demonstrable fall starting when the US treasury was taken over by private corporations. Not only is quality of life part of this fall but a spiritual fall as well.  The so called “Illuminated Ones”, which is Luciferian and means “keepers of the light” (The absence of light which is then called light which is intended deception), have hidden their intent with regard to music and money. The very words “IN GOD WE TRUST” emblazoned on money demonstrates the replacement of belief in God, a Creator or spiritual concerns (whatever your spiritual definition might be), with power, material things, wealth and personal gratification among a much longer list. The music we love is no different in this regard. We celebrate (worship) fame in the same way and as a result of the same cause, manipulation. Unfortunately we are all complicit in this corruption of the human condition. As was stated by Christof in the movie the Truman Show, “He [Truman] could leave at any time. If his was more than just a vague ambition, if he was absolutely determined to discover the truth, there’s no way we could prevent him. I think what distresses you, really, caller, is that ultimately Truman prefers his cell, as you call it.” In this sense we are all Truman Burbank but the question remains – will we choose to wake up and claim our human abilities, spiritual and otherwise, or will we continue to be hypnotized and accept our cells?

There is no valid reason for the worship we bestow on celebrity and when you add the weaponization of the product they give us, it borders on insanity. Any product that is delivered to us through frequency whether it be light, color or music, is, at this point in time, weaponizable to have a consistent and predictable effect on people. When these elements are combined in movies and TV, the effect is multiplied. There is a reason the TV is nicknamed the “boob tube”. It is literally turning you into a boob which is defined as a foolish or stupid person. In the case of TV it is not just the flicker rate, colors, sound and light manipulation hypnotizing you, the carefully “crafted” content is also serving a purpose. How many times have you heard actors and movie stars state that they do not own a TV? As this article is about music, I will not even get started on the encoding and subtext in movies and TV.  Suffice it to say that these two delivery systems are among the most damaging inventions ever wielded against populations.

Quite often I am asked if the artists who make the music we love are aware of what is going on. I reply that any musician worth their salt should absolutely be aware of the traditional, nature tuned, 432 Hz tuning. As a matter of fact there are many in the music industry trying to combat the insidious 440 Hz A tuning. More importantly there are a growing number of everyday people simply converting the music to the 432 Hz tuning. Here are some links for those ready to fight back.




Are you aware that embedding intention into a physical object is not only possible but demonstrable? If not you should look at the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto. Using water an ancient truth is demonstrated which can be seen in this short video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu9P167HLsw), though anyone interested should look at the larger work which is easily searchable. There is a similar, though often darker, idea at play in the use of sigils which we have seen in album covers and other marketing from the corporate music industry. The reason I bring this up is because the creation of music is usually associated with the mood and intent of the musician. When one considers that most music these days is created/produced by a long line of corporate interests, the implication should be obvious. While this assertion is not easily demonstrated, for those with eyes at least partially open, they should understand the implication. Music should be regarded no differently than the modern food and water supply. It does not take a genius to understand that the very sustenance that allows us to live has been hijacked by corporations and not in a good way. From the genetic modification of natural foods to the poisoning of our water, if you do not understand the intent behind such actions then you simply do not understand. In short, go convert your music frequency and put some “love” or “health” into the water you drink. Or just stick with the attack frequency and fluoride, as the latter is the intention of your local water authority and by extension, government. Q: Who needs a working pineal gland anyway? A: The ruling class of this planet, in order to maintain an unfair advantage and keep you asleep an unable to realize what human beings can become.

I love music. As a matter of fact I began playing guitar the summer before Jr. High which was the result of growing up in a house full of musical instruments. As is the price of waking up, it was a painful day, all those years ago, when I came to understand that the soundtrack of my life was yet another aspect of the system of control we live in. The truth hurts – at first. Like anything else, once this knowledge is gained, you can accept it and begin to understand reality, or you can ignore it and go on as you always have. It comes down to choosing to accept your “cell” or choosing to change your current situation. After all, the control system can be described as a prison but it is more accurately viewed as a prison for your mind. If you become aware you can then begin to seek freedom.

It must have been the early 80s when I first saw the name Paganini. I was going through a magazine that contained guitar tablature and noticed a few scales – in a rock centric publication – written by a violin virtuoso from the 1700s, named Paganini. Noticing that many of my “guitar heroes” held his work in high regard I learned some of the scales he had written. I then went on to read about who he was. I now know that Elvis and the Beatles were not the first to incite mass hysteria in audiences as Paganini did this way back in the 1700s. In some of his biographies you will see that he used what is termed “the Devil’s Interval” among other interesting modes of musical endeavor. The power of music was well known even in the distant past. This is why so many of the recent guitar virtuosos looked to Paganini for inspiration in the modern age. We have gone through a de-evolution, of sorts, when we compare the modern education to that of the Renaissance. This is one of the foundational truths that has led to the current situation we find ourselves in.

I was recently sent a copy of the Quadrivium (geometry, arithmetic, cosmology, music) which was standard education in centuries past. The Quadrivium is preceded by the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric) in this curriculum which makes up the “7 liberating arts”. Having gone through a typical western education I can only wonder what society would be with such teaching available at an early age. I have often said that a modern education teaches us –specifically- how to work within the system and little to nothing about the system that holds us. This is by design a “dumbing down” of the global population. The result of this strategy ensures populations lack the tools needed to combat, or even understand, the coming global domination. We are told that the origins of the Trivium and Quadrivium may go back to the 6th century and yet there are very few of us who are even aware such topics (presented in this way) exist. But then again it is hard to imagine a time when an educated person typically spoke and read a number of languages as a basis for multi-cultural teaching and familiarity with “classics” that were quite often read in the languages they were written. I know people that are in their late 70s now, who learned English, Greek, Latin and one other language of choice as standard education in their time. This is the last vestige of an education of this type for those of us in the west. By the way, it was also required that one be Catholic to receive said education. This paragraph may seem out of place in an article about the weaponization of music. It is not. In the modern age our younger generation is now receiving its education (or programming) from music, news, media, movies and TV. The remaining education is delivered in an education system that has been diminished to a point where agenda far outweighs educational intent. For those with an interest, the books mentioned here can be searched by the titles given or by searching out the larger collection under the title “The Wooden Books”. It may be a bit harder to find the full versions of these teachings as the books referenced here are certainly abridged versions of a more in-depth teaching.

We live in a very precarious time. Not because it is so different from previous generations but because so many of us are now aware of the global deception that has been going on. To be sure, the deceptions are seemingly more overt at this point in time but that too tells us something of where we stand on the time line. As I began to try and inform people, I thought it was critical to attempt to reach everyone. That has changed. I now understand that the vast majority of people do not poses the necessary abilities to even begin to fathom where we are at this point. It is for this reason that I write and communicate exclusively for open minds and those with a clue. The deceptions we are now aware of have been going on throughout history but they are now accelerating and so overt as to stagger the imagination as to why so many folks cannot see. This too is likely by design.

I no longer suffer from having a tune stuck in my head. Much like ego I realized it was not me playing the music. I also realized I had not intentionally thought of the tune – yet – there it was playing in my head. I then realized that my head should not be a playground for anything I did not put there. As I have quoted before, “The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look.” To this day when music begins to play in my head, I simply turn it off. It takes some practice but if you own your mind, turning off the music in your head must be within your power.

Coda: I would like to give full credit to the authors cited (including excerpts) in this article and to the creator of the http://medicalveritas.org/musical-cult-control/ web page. I urge all interested reader to click this link for a much fuller view of the sub-topics in this article. Belief is the enemy of knowing and it is now time to know and in this, belief plays no part.

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thanks so much Crrow for this indepth insight into what is going on in front of our eyes and square into our ears. I have not paid for ‘cable’ (that which binds us to it) tv for over 13 years now. I literally took scissors and cut the tv cord at the plug. The computer has definitely replaced to some degree what the tv did for us in terms of entertainment (I use that word carefully) but I have more control over the content I expose myself to and I do so wisely. The radio has mostly been non existant in my life because it literally drives me insane. It seems to reach into my head and twist and pull my being and I do not like it at all. The news is bizarre too, on the hour every hour. Many years ago, in my awaking infancy I remember driving to work, listening to the radio and thinking, ‘why don’t we hear about all the good stuff going on in our world?’ Clearly, this is not the agenda by the dark forces. Realeyesing the impact the radio has on many people driving to work in the morning in rush hour traffic and listening to their news and screaming advertisers announcing services and stuff over and over again, I see what the intent is. Talk about a captive audience. Simple answer is just shut off the radio and a huge part of the distraction is instantly gone bringing a state of peace and quiet. I do not watch movies either and cannot bring myself to pay for any of the garbage and lies and programming coming out of hollyweird. It takes a while to be able to sit in quiet but it does come to those seeking it. My friend is a talented Crystal bowl player and fluteist. She has taught me that everything is frequency. I am very grateful to have learned many things from her, one of them being the 432 vs 440 Hz understanding. There is much to learn about ourselves and who we are and I know she is in my life for a very important reason. Peace to you and yours in your journey.

Thanks for the beautiful article about how frequencies can change our moods. I’m not a musician and I’m not too musically inclined but I can see now, after reading your article, how music at certain frequencies can affect your demeanor and how you act in certain situations.
With this knowledge, I’ll be better equipped to deal with the mind controllers. Thanks again.

Crow I too have changed my tuning on my tuner and guitar to 432. I truly enjoy the music much much more. I feel just knowing about all the programming is very important in resisting.

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