“We have yet to understand these three things: the sun, the moon, and the truth but I assure you, there are those who understand these things perfectly.”
~ Crrow777 ~

And why is it that lunatics owe their sanity to the moon? There is a reason.

When you go outside and look up at the moon what do you see? Do you see an image or an idea of the moon… a textbook description that has been reiterated over a lifetime? I think this is exactly what most of us see and I know it is what I saw for most of my life. That has changed now as I did the one thing that allowed me to see the moon with my own eyes. I decided to stop trusting everything I had been told about the moon and use my own abilities to discover firsthand what I wanted to know, which allowed me to test what I have been told. If you are a person who believes whole heartedly in what NASA has told us about the moon this article will likely be a waste of your time. On the other hand, if you are a person with an open mind and the ability to update foundational information about our world, then there is a lot here to consider. The simple truth is that the moon is not what you have been told it is and almost everything you have been shown regarding the moon is “stage craft” and deception. The simple act of making this statement will trigger a reaction that is a good place to start. After all, if this statement is just crazy talk, why would anybody expend energy to respond – or take the time to mount an aggressive attack? And yet, this is exactly what has happened on the tail of my research that led to me to announce a very simple truth. “The moon is not what you think it is”. Stand by for fallout…

I have spent years and clocked many thousands of hours of lunar observation time. Most of that time was captured on high quality video which has allowed me to review the many lunar anomalies I have filmed. As fate would have it, video now exists that has, and will continue to, challenge the description of the moon we have been handed. Even before I witnessed my first lunar anomalies, the simple act of long term observation with a telescope had already led me to question much of what we have been told about the moon. The following link will demonstrate where the road to discovery began for me and I will mention that what is shown in this video is proven, beyond doubt, to be local to the moon and in no way related to equipment malfunction. For those who cannot accept the possibility of what this footage means, you may as well stop here. This footage is a foundational paradigm shift with regard to what we have been told is true about our world, though many will not be able to accept this. It should also be stated that I did not discover this anomaly and it has been described before by Russian researchers. https://youtu.be/_3axPn65MGM (There are many other videos on my channel that cover the lunar wave to include proofs of locality and that the wave does not cross the video frame)

Early on in my lunar observations I began to question the distance of the moon. While filming during the day I found myself shooting chemplanes at 7-9 miles in altitude. This got me thinking about shooting the moon which we are told is nearly a quarter of a million miles away. As I shot objects that were mere miles away I found it increasingly difficult to accept the distance of the moon knowing that some of the craters I could see with my unaided eye were not that large. I eventually made this video as a thought experiment challenging the accepted distance of the moon. First clip: https://youtu.be/kZCw94sg2-I Updated clip: https://youtu.be/BBe9HWG2W0Y. In short, I no longer accept that the moon is nearly a quarter of a million miles away and will be filming some firsthand experiments with my optical tools to further demonstrate this assertion. Stay tuned on this front.

As we begin to question the many fallacies we have been told about the moon a good place to start is in low Earth orbit. We are told that low Earth orbit ranges from about 99-1,200 miles although I have seen definitions that actually state low Earth orbit starts at the ground. We are also told that most of the objects in this orbit are in the 180-400 mile range as anything lower would suffer from atmospheric drag. It is also stated that objects orbiting higher than 22,000 miles (geosynchronous) are subject to high electrical failure due to radiation. I am regurgitating this information for one reason. I have seen nothing that allows me to believe we have ever been above low Earth orbit and this includes unmanned machines. The simple fact that we have never seen video of a rocket launch all the way to space should be the first clue. With my no-budget equipment I could easily film a launch all the way to space and I have many clips that prove this. Here is clip of an object with thrusters and I have other footage of objects in a seemingly weightless environment https://youtu.be/R8Gt4crkqWk. If you take the time to search out footage of rocket launches you will find that many seem to arc out over the ocean very shortly after takeoff as is seen here from an airplane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE_USPTmYXM. In this clip the rocket can actually be seen arcing over the ocean and then going down https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJgggI6mos8. Why is it that rocket launch footage is always cut long before departure from our atmosphere? Again, I could easily film the glow of a rocket well beyond low Earth orbit – or in orbit for that matter – and yet footage of a full launch does not seem to exist. There is a reason for this. To top it off, this astronot from NASA flat out states my assertion about our low Earth orbit abilities at time stamp 1:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=106&v=51DED8dcNkA. I maintain that no one has or can go above low Earth orbit – no one. There is no evidence that we have beyond fabricated images and video made in a Hollywood basement. The opening lines in the movie “Gravity” are telling you the truth – “Life in space is impossible”.

Going a little higher than low Earth orbit more problems emerge for our space agencies. Why is it that no real images (un-fabricated, real snapshots from a camera) exist of the Earth or Moon from space? We live in the age of high definition everything. And yet our world is still using an image of Earth we are told was snapped by Apollo back in the 70’s. By the way, this is the image (http://s3.amazonaws.com/estock/nasas1/1/81/98/everystockphoto-nasa-space-18198-o.jpeg) and it is a “CREATED” image not a snapshot from a camera as is true of nearly every image you have ever seen of “space”. In many cases the language used to describe the images will tell you as much using words like “mosaic”, “telemetry” and “generated” etc… This particular image is in text books all over the planet and presented as an image taken from a camera – a snapshot. That is a lie and the fact is that this single image has been passed off as additional Earth footage by reversing, flipping and color correction. Again, we live in an HD world! Where are all the great HD videos and images of Earth and the Moon from space? Why are we still looking at an image of Earth from 1972? Do I even need to address the low quality Google Moon and Google Mars insult? The fact is that we have been handed an endless line of dubious space images and we have been led to believe that said images were taken with cameras in the typical way one would imagine. This is not the case and there is a reason.

For a God, Apollo seems to have an endless line of irresolvable issues

Have you ever noticed that every single space agency on this planet has a vector symbol in their logo? It seems to signify membership in the global “space club” that operates above and beyond borders and government. So many people still think that the US and Russia were in a space race to the death – which is demonstrably not true. After all two countries, we are told, spent lord knows how much money, blood and effort just to call it a day when the first boot hit the moon. Really? The US makes it to the moon first so Russia just packs up and calls it quits? The truth is that all space agencies are in this game together which is now being demonstrated by China. Once again we see a handful of images released from Jade Rabbit and then equipment failure. Of the images the public was allowed to see it did not take long for anomalies and inconstancies to show up. There are plenty of clips on YT one can look at to this end. Also, we should not forget the now famous Chinese “astronot in a pool” footage where China was caught red handed trying to pass off pool footage as an astronot in space. By the way, I had my telescope trained on the moon as China was supposed to be in orbit and landing. I saw nothing.

Getting back to Apollo we must ask – why did the US and Russia simply stop going to the moon when it seemed our very lives depended on it at the time? The most popular reason given was cost. The problem with this is that Apollo cost roughly $24 billion which was 2.7 of the budget for space exploration. The entire NASA budget at that time was 5.3% of the national budget. To reduce cost, we are told, the space shuttle program replaced Apollo. The issue here is that the space shuttle cost roughly $200 billion just to service sky lab and we never saw any amazing science – at all! Clearly cost is not the reason. The cold war has also been used as a reason for ending the moon missions but that truth about that is that the cold war ended Dec. 26 1991. Again – nonsensical. Why in the world would Russia, who was winning the space race, spend so much money, blood and effort just to walk away never having successfully landed on the moon? It makes no sense and there is a reason for this.

Apollo gave us low quality video and images for the most part. But, of course, the original footage of man’s greatest achievement is now lost. It seems, for some reason, the footage was not as important as one might think. The original moon landing footage no longer exists, we are told. What we do have is enough to allow any scientist to prove beyond a doubt that the imagery and videos we have been handed is yet more “created” imagery. Here is an example of just such an effort by a PhD.c. – previously of the Department of Physics and Technology Kharkov State University, Ukraine http://www.aulis.com/stereoparallax.htm. This process is called stereoscopic method and could be re-created on any lab bench, anywhere in the world, on any day – and yet, we see very few in the field of science questioning the almost religious belief that we went to the moon. For science, questioning the moon landing seems to be against the rules of the game- but then again, science is supposed to question everything.

Don’t believe your lying eyes

Since 2012 every time we have been told something would be in orbit around the moon or crash into the moon or land on the moon, my telescope has been there. To date I have never filmed anything near the moon with the exception of lunar waves. In all those thousands of hours I cannot tell you how many fireballs I have seen fall from the sky. We are told these are space rocks falling to Earth – meteors. Most of them, we are told, burn up in the atmosphere. I am guessing I have seen over a hundred since 2012 and many more over my lifetime. And yet, I have never seen a single impact on the moon, which has no atmosphere and is covered, we are told, by fine powder. Looking at the moon would seem to suggest that it gets hit all the time. It is covered with craters that, we are told, were made by space rocks impacting the lunar surface. NASA posted a video that claims to show just such an event, but the clip is laughable – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYloGuUZCFM. My only response to this footage is a question. At what point does NASA moon video have to approach the quality I am producing in my backyard without a budget? We are well beyond low quality black and white video being passed off as anything to be taken seriously. If it is not HD and high quality footage, it adds nothing to what we know. In my view low quality video is an excuse for shenanigans.

My wife and I often take turns filming during the lunar cycle as sitting in front of a telescope for endless hours, month after month, is no easy feat. Some years ago I began to notice very subtle differences in the appearance of the moon. I did not mention this to my wife for some time as I thought it was just me. At some point we began to talk about this intuitive subtly and we discovered both of us had, in fact, come to the same conclusion. The moon takes on subtle appearance differences over time that does not translate to video or stills in any meaningful way. It is a very tough thing to describe but it is almost as if the 3D appearance and texture changes. The problem is that this statement will instantly be dismissed as changes in lighting – but it is something else – so much so, that we often comment to one another at the outset of viewing sessions that we are looking at a facade.

This brings us back to the lunar wave that was first filmed in the fall of 2012. A year and a half went by before I filmed anything that even resembled the 2012 footage and to date the first filming stands alone in quality and content. Though the debunkers have showed up in force the truth is that many qualified experts in their fields have confirmed that the footage shows an event local to the moon. It has also been definitively proven that the 2012 wave does not cross the video frame. As the years passed I came to understand a few things about the lunar wave. Early on I had concluded that filming the lunar wave was most likely to occur near a full moon. I intuitively felt that the equinoxes were key in this event and included opening slides and statements in many video clips urging folks to learn about the equinoxes and to film at these times. Lastly, combining all the experience and observation time I began to state that the moon we see may be a hologram which I later updated to refer to as a façade – that seems to be hiding something.

In all this time I stood alone unable to get experts or anyone else, to go on the record. It became very clear that questioning the moon in this way would be a lonely, toxic, endeavor. But then in early 2015 I became aware of Russian research that perfectly lined up with my above assertions regarding the nature of the moon and lunar wave. The Russian work (this is all covered in clips on my channel) confirmed, right out of the gate, that the moon had two surfaces, an outer (façade) that we see and inner that is hidden. The work further stated that the lunar wave always occurs in the third phase of the moon – or near full, until the year 2012. Lastly, the research defined the importance of the equinoxes in this matter and went well beyond anything I had come to consider by going into great detail about the month following the spring equinox, all the way to Easter. Good translations are still a problem to this day though; it is clear that lining up on the three things I had come to accept as very likely, seems beyond coincidence. Even the chat room discussion in Russian that led me to the research link had more than one person referring to the moon as a hologram and to my knowledge, they were unaware of my work. I realized very quickly that I had not discovered the lunar wave. I also decided that is was very unlikely I would ever get corroboration at this level again, having waited since 2012. Within days of reading the first translations I made a clip stating that I thought the moon may well be an illusion. My channel changed overnight, to say the least. The fallout and attacks came fast and heavy. And though I will continue to stand behind my research, this has been a lesson in what is required to challenge the status quo. In the aftermath it is easy to see why so many experts refused to go on the record even though they knew, potentially, what the 2012 lunar wave footage meant. The thought police are here in force now and they will open fire on anyone who dares to challenge the accepted world view and science. In my mind it is one thing to disagree and another thing entirely to attack, defame and debunk as these things have malice aforethought and have nothing to do with seeking the truth.

I saw it on TV

In closing it seems prudent to say a few words about that which is just below the surface – that which is plausibly deniable. This section is written for those who already understand what movies, TV, music, news and media are for – beyond entertainment. It is also written for those who have no idea what I am talking about as it is you who are being handed a clue about the path that departs from slumber.

Many have come to understand the coded nature of our world. There is no better place to witness this encoded existence than movies, TV, music, news and media. I have spent a lot of time warning people off the hypnotizing influences of these mediums but the truth is that once you are aware, that which is hidden begins to become much more visible.

Since we have covered the moon in this article we will single it out as a subject for experiment. From here on in, whenever you see the moon represented or talked about in any form of media pay very close attention to the preceding comments, following comments, numbers, context, satire and symbolism surrounding the occurrence. Pay very close attention to every detail that you would normally dismiss while being caught up in the hypnotizing story that is entertaining you. You will quickly see that there is an entire subtext encoded almost invisibly just below the surface story – and it is all plausibly deniable – which is exactly how it works. Do this one simple thing using the moon as your subject of investigation and the things I have said here will begin to make more sense. You will find the moon is constantly associated with death, sleep, illusion and mystery. There is a reason for this.

A very simple truth

As I have said time and again, “Belief is the enemy of knowing”. So many of us have arrived at a point of hopelessness, but, I do not share this view. Using the tired 100th monkey as a comparison I will state how I think progress can be made. There is one thing I am aware of that cannot be destroyed by force or coercion, which may not be true for much longer given the state of technology. That is knowing. Once you know something it is far beyond belief or any need of defense. It is what it is and you know it – for a fact. As fate would have it the 100th monkey showed us that once a certain number of beings “knows” something it spreads like a virus without the teaching or instruction. The question then becomes – how do we know things? Here is the simple answer but it is among the hardest things a human being can do. Discard everything you have ever been told or learned. All of it. 1+1 is no longer 2 – until you independently look at it and understand intuitively that it is, in fact, 2 – on your own – independent of outside influence! If you can do this for about a year the blinders will begin to fall away from your eyes and you will see like you have never seen before. Anyone who takes this course of action will constantly be tempted to fall back into the old comfortable beliefs built over a lifetime. The system will reach out over and over again to pull you back into the fold. And while an animal may succumb to this temptation, a human being has the ability to persevere. And persevere you must, if you wish to be part of the knowing that will break this cycle of deception. If you wish to truly see for the first time of your life, stop believing in everything immediately. Never again accept anything as true until you have looked at it through a microscope – down to its particles – so to speak. Then, free of all outside influence; understand what you know about that thing. I have not seen a true newscast in recent memory – have you? Will you be the 100th monkey? Will I? I hope with all of my heart that someone will be and I have adopted the work that I do to this end. Question everything, there is a reason to do so.

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When I was a little girl during the 1960s there was an eclipse and I could not understand how the moon was just the exact right size to fit over the sun. The adults all said that it was just a coincidence. Nobody could explain it to me and they still can’t. The entire population of the planet Earth has this weird thing just staring in their faces for thousands of years. And they just accept it.

Man I hope this thread is still being noticed. Maybe I’ll make a video and name it: “Moon Landing – Is it LIVE or Memorex?” I have yet to see ANYONE point out this subtle little moment that tons of peoples’ sub-consciences saw in 1969… look at the 20:25 mark to 20:36 of the original 1969 CBS coverage of the moon landing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E96EPhqT-ds

Does anyone see the telltales of video tape playback in these 10 seconds? I smell the smoke of a smoking gun- for young whipper snappers, go to a thrift store and buy a VHS tape player and ANY movie or preferably a homemade VHS (“Be Kind, Rewind!”). Play the start of the tape and look at the same video artifacts. Now consider that in 1969, NO commercial home video decks existed (beyond maybe the ONE guy that exclusively recorded the first 1967 Superbowl). NOBODY would recognize tape PLAYBACK artifacts until the 1980s and even then, no reference point would then exist until the millennial generation of youtube in only the last decade…

Questioning the distance of the moon:
Have we 3 or more geniuses that can triangulate to the centre of the moon or a recognizable artifact on the moon, from far apart points while maintaining visual on the moon at the same time?
This might give us the real distance of the moon?
I am imagining that the 3 or more people measuring the angles are like the cell towers to locate a cell phone; the intersect on the moon is the location of a cell phone (this works on paper anyway, and the FBI use it to locate phones), there must be a way to use this to test, and you have people with telescopes who can get the angle of the telescope?
Some geometry of distances between points might help too.
What do you think? There are math geniuses that are cleverer than me who will know if it is possible.

Maybe an AI is the 100th monkey.
Would be fun if an AI for the “Knowing Class” would tell the truth to the “stupid” AI.
The “stupid” AI ​​fed with the nonsense they are telling us might react differently and not lie to us and wants to tell this.
And maybe those people who believe everything what the TV says, think that the AI ​​is so smart and does not lie..
But before that will happen we will be totally degenerated … or nobody cares anymore.

When I think about the future, I do not believe we will have freedom or free will in 300 years.

I don’t think I understand how an AI would think and react. It’s hard to imagine what would happen.

I heard that AIs talk to each other, and I believe there is a possibility that the “knowing Class” had their own AI because they want no “dumb” AI for themselves.

“Trash collected by the eyes is dumped into the brain, when it tears into our conscious thought you tell me who’s to blame?”
W.Axl Rose,
Don’t Damn Me by Guns N’ Roses.

In order to prevent contamination of my sub and unconscious mind (after all do any of us truly know how much they perceive as real and how much their perception of reality goes on to influence even the biggest distrusting, consciously expansive person amongst us?!) but on the odd occasion I do I am now going to keep an eye out for that sly ole moon and note the preceding and following scenes! Not only an interesting way to dig at the truth of our natural satellite but hopefully a way to keep the mind active as opposed to mesmerized by fantasy – which these days is sadly so low brow and intended to infantalise and immoralise us between the true show (consumer commercials) that I find it almost violating to watch! This way I can hopefully enjoy something with the mister in peace which I haven’t in a long time! Love these blogs Crrow!! Please write more of them time permitting!! xGx

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