“It is very clear that we all have free will in this system- and it scares the hell out of the jailer.”

Happy birthday to everyone but please do not blow out the candles

For those of us who have come to understand something about the system of control we find ourselves in, it is hard to miss the nonstop manufactured echoes of violence and death. I have come to understand that this world is not nearly as scary or dangerous as the powers that be would have me believe. With this in mind one might ask why staged death, violence, tragedy, hate, race baiting and terrorism are purposefully inserted into the public consciousness on a daily basis. The answer seems self evident at this point. It is programming for the purpose of control and population management to include life expectancy. It is very possible that the system works with such a high degree of pre-planned precision it may actually have an effect on how long we live.

Consider baby twins separated at birth. One baby is raised with constant exposure to the death/violence echo we all see each day and is told he will probably die at 74 years for his entire life. The other baby is never shown violent, death ridden propaganda and is told he will live into his hundreds for his entire life. Would this have a bearing on life expectancy? I say it would. Bear in mind this little thought exercise does not even consider purposefully designed low-grade food, fluoride polluted water or a pill based medical system.

In a recent interview I talked about voluntary suicide and that is exactly what I am addressing here. I have come to understand that we all live in a control system that thrusts death at us nonstop and from its very foundations. And though this topic may be somewhat ghoulish, in my mind, it is critical that folks learn to recognize this fact and then divorce their minds from its influence. Later in this article I will provide bullet points that outline, to the best of my ability, how I trained my mind to wake up to the deceptive control system that has us all. The simple truth is that the average person does not have a snowballs chance in hell to exercise free will until they learn how to wake up and see. I now see death very clearly and I am no longer afraid of it. I no longer submit willingly to the party line and programming. And though I am no master of all I survey, I am neither a sitting duck to the degree I once was.

I can remember the first time I witnessed Ash Wednesday. Not being Catholic it seemed a strange and even foreign practice to me and kind of repulsive in a way. At the time I was very young and had no idea that such a simple tradition could have far reaching implications. But I am no longer a child and understand much more than I once did.

Let’s get back to the aforementioned carbon based tradition imposed by the men in black of the Catholic Church. Ash Wednesday occurs 46 days before Easter and includes the ceremonial smearing (in the shape of a cross) of 1 year old palm ashes over the pineal gland often accompanied by the incantation; “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return“. It should also be mentioned there are other religions that mark this area on the forehead in direct acknowledgment of the pineal gland and its power. The issue at hand is that in other religions this is done with bright, vibrant color, not dead, burnt, ashes. One might be tempted to give the Vatican a pass based on cluelessness. Unfortunately this is not possible knowing that a nearly four meter bronze pine cone (called pigna) sits in a courtyard at Vatican City. The large bronze originally sat near the Isis temple by the Pantheon and as many know the pine cone has always been a symbol for the higher human function of the activated pineal gland. There is also word play in the spelling – pine-al and a fact that this symbology is based on the shape of the pineal gland matching the “evergreen” pine tree seed pod (cone). In short, it is hard to imagine that this tradition is anything more than the echoing/programming of death and suppression of higher human functions. Any volunteers?

Unfortunately the ash tradition is one of many with the aim of casting the spell of death into the human consciousness. You might be surprised to learn that you are playing a role in death programming multiple times a year with a single tradition, that tradition being the birthday. The simple act of counting birthdays is a self imposed clock ticking closer to death with each year. Have you ever considered why you place a candle for each year of your life on a birthday cake and then snuff them out? One would think lighting a candle and making a wish would be better served with the candle continuing to shed light. Hmmm… When researching the origin of this tradition I found multiple pages stating the origins of this practice are not clear but then found this in Wiki. “It is sometimes claimed that the tradition of placing candles on birthday cakes could be attributed to early Greeks: to honor the goddess’s birth on the sixth day of every lunar month, “cakes brought to the temple of Artemis were adorned with candles to make them glow like the moon. ” Keep in mind the usual practice of the birthday cake is to turn out the lights and light the candles. As I have said many times before, the moon is constantly associated with death. At this point I would be hard pressed to point out one positive aspect of the moon. This is also true of many traditions I no longer participate in or accept as meaningless. At any rate it is clear that blowing out a candle invites darkness and lighting a candle dispels darkness. Much like a living person is said to have the “spark” of life and a dead persons “light” has been extinguished.

Dead entities, run the world

This is a Wiki definition of what a corporation is: “Despite not being human beings, corporations, as far as the law is concerned, are legal persons, and have many of the same rights and responsibilities as natural persons do. Corporations can exercise human rights against real individuals and the state, and they can themselves be responsible for human rights violations. However corporations are not considered living entities...” and yet we live in a world where lifeless corporations now run our world as “legal persons”. Even the prefix of the word corporation, corp, will immediately bring to mind a lifeless body. As I feel I have made my point with regard to the underlying death current in many of the foundational systems and traditions of our world, I will not delve into the insidious and ghoulish history that lies in plain corporate sight. For anyone who wishes to know more simply look up how incorporation was used with regard to freed slaves. The reason I use this example is because we may all be incorporated entities. Look at your driver’s license and note that your name is in capital letters. Do you write your name in this way? Does anyone? You may be looking at a dead, incorporated entity, masquerading as you. The next time you are in court and the Magi-strate (magician in black) asks if you are so and so, you might want to think twice. If it happens to me I will state that I am not a legal fiction, I am the divine man. I am me. I am. To do otherwise would give life to the dead document the court is holding in an effort to transform it into you and railroad you… but enough of this depressing death-ridden view of our system. We are living human beings with rights and abilities that have the potential to surpass any control system placed on us – though the control system at present is hiding this fact very well. Even so, each of us possesses free will – for now.

On the upside of things

You have the ability to change the world and so do I. And while it is an easy thing to say these words, putting the idea into practice will require that the average human being change a few things. On the up side, the things that need changing are simply worthless programmed remnants of a now recognized system of control.

Each week that passes I receive more messages from serious people who are ready to stand up and do something about the situation we find ourselves in. They often ask, how did I come to understand the system of control? To be fair, I do not understand everything about the system but I do understand how to recognize it. The next issue for me became, how do I communicate to others in a way that will allow them to see the system and stand up to it? To this end I took a careful look at the process I used to throw off slumber and total blindness and wrote out this method.  Anyone can use the following words/method if they choose to do so. For the record these words are designed to do one thing –> allow a human being to wake up and see detail, subtlety and critically think free of systemic influence. For some people applying this method will be the hardest thing they have ever done as the temptation to fall back into secure beliefs built over a life time, will be ever present. So I ask you – would you choose comfort or freedom if given the choice?  I would also add that the majority of the aforementioned discomfort is mental which means it can be tamed.

My personal rules – How I woke up to a system that does not exist

All systems and foundational information that describe our world are deceptive by design and nature. To lose sight of this truth is to remain deceived. Therefore accepting traditional explanations of our world and its systems is not the correct path for those who seek reality.

All deceptions die under the weight of their own details. The inability to see details, often because of belief or acceptance, is akin to being blind and asleep. Being blind to details is a choice. Therefore the power to detect deception is a natural ability of human beings who have chosen not to be blind to details.

The human body is dependent on what it consumes. What is consumed by the human body has a direct effect on the abilities of the body and mind. The false systems of this world, in many places, are providing foodstuffs, medicines and liquids that are designed to reduce human ability and mind function. Therefore the details specific to what the body consumes must not be ignored for those who seek reality. To consume without care is to reduce human ability and mind function and by extension one’s ability to see detail, build intuition or critically think.

Once a mind accepts and believes ideas or information it can no longer see details or critically think about what has been accepted as true. Therefore all things/ideas/information should not be accepted as true but viewed as likely false while forcing the burden of proof before acceptance. If this is done over a long period of time the mind will begin to function in a more beneficial way. This process will also encourage intuition which is a valuable human ability that is not accurately described or accepted by science as a legitimate source of human knowing.

Belief is not the same as knowing. Belief is often entered into by choice and without investigation or authentication of any kind. Knowing is a “true” state that requires no defense – it is what it is – as the sky is blue. Belief is an obstacle to knowing and therefore the enemy of knowing. Knowing cannot always be communicated and must, at times, be arrived at by individual effort. Knowing cannot be taken away from an individual who has gained insight into reality.

All words, colors, symbols, letters, numbers, language, tones and all constructions of our world have meaning. While it is not possible to understand all meanings, it is always possible to understand that meanings exist. Therefore it is possible to observe details of existing constructs and gain further knowing and intuition with regard to that which is intentionally hidden and preventing understanding of its meaning. Understanding this is key to detecting deception and requires that details do not go un-noticed. Much of this part of the system is protected by plausible deniability.

When exposing a long standing, well accepted deception, one should provide proofs and reasons why the deception is detectable for the benefit of others. One should not replace the model of the deception with a new model or “theory” as this only replaces one fantasy with another at the expense of reality. A mind without reality is mired in fantasy. A mind mired in fantasy has no reality and limited intuition and intuition is required on the path to knowing. Helping others see deception is the duty of all human beings. *(There is an exception to the model replacement rule. When what is known clearly indicates an accurate model it should be presented in order to replace a false or deceptive model.)

Always be polite and fair to all living beings, especially those you do not agree with. Every action set in motion will send ripples into the system and we are all interconnected in this system. The negative system that controls us uses the ego and emotion of each of us to further a negative controlling agenda. Emotion fuels the system on its negative, deceptive path. Choose to be fair and kind in order to deny the system the fuel of emotion. E-motion is wasted motion and fuel to the system in the same way a battery powers devices.

The goal of this method is to spread knowing to enough human beings to reach critical mass (100th monkey effect) at which point organic change will occur. Human beings are gaining ability which will take things further and provide accurate descriptions of reality in an organic way through knowing. It appears that there are human beings alive now with incredible abilities, many of which appear to be harming the general population by wielding the system of control. It is also possible the system we now see is a construct that also holds those who control us in the same way we are held.

The television vs. the telephone

In closing it seems a good idea to imagine what could be done in confronting a system of control and deception. Imagine the TV as a weapon employed by the enemy and the telephone as a tool which could address the destructive power of TV. (https://youtu.be/iOzFX2pq80Q) So many still think there are channels that are OK, like public broadcasting (KBPS). Have you ever noticed how often the words “public programming” are said or written on the screen on these non-network channels? At least this is an honest assessment of what is going on.

To begin with you should understand what TV does to human beings and that this weapon is in nearly every household. As I have covered the dangers of flicker rates, frequencies, color and all other aspects of TV, I will use a single example to demonstrate how TV dehumanizes human beings. A human being has the ability to critically think and each individual adds a unique contribution to our world – when they independently think free of manipulation! Consider going to work and speaking with a co-worker who walks up to inform you of all the terrible things going on in the world. Further consider that every bit of information being spewed at you was delivered to this co-worker via TV news. The simple truth of this scenario is that the co-worker is not even present in this conversation. He/she has been replaced by a regurgitation machine and surrendered all independent critical thinking. To top it off, as we all know, the majority of the news being regurgitated is false, violent, death-echoing and in many cases simply made up propaganda and fear porn. In short, we have very little control over what the TV does to us or the carefully crafted content it delivers. The only safe TV is an unplugged TV.

The telephone, on the other hand, can be used to do what we want it to do – transmit an idea or message. There are negative aspects to any electronic device, to include telephones, but we will examine how a telephone could be used in this imaginary example.

Imagine what would happen if people picked up their phones the next time a ghoulish, death-echoing, false news story was broadcast via TV. In each faked news story a location (town/city), organizations involved and emergency response agencies are depicted. What if a thousand people immediately called local news, national news, police, fire (or whoever is shown on scene), city officials etc… to address what is being broadcast? If this was done in a polite, professional way, inquiries alone would send a message – a huge message. And while I cannot suggest this course of action needs to be considered, I can imagine the effect it might have on a system that runs rough shod, with impunity, over the general population. Consider the black preacher recently shot by a white youth, reported on TV and clearly race baiting a nation – to include the Presidents televised involvement. Was this a real event or more staged news? Is this legitimate reporting or something else? Considering its prominence in the 24 hour news cycle, it was certainly a big damn deal! But why was it more important than every other world event at that time? Maybe I should make a call and ask someone…

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Love this blog it is amazing to me how many “alternative” sources push the myth that we are violent stupid and brutal by our nature when this is clearly not the case or else why would they have to bring so much opposite programming to bear? Thanks Crrow you are a breathe of fresh air xxxxxx

What you said about our food and water supply is true. Our handlers are culling their herd of sheople. Their medicine is poison too! Please research urine therapy and you’ll find that our creator gave us our own perfect medicine for all our ailments. It’s working for me; and it’s free!

Wow. What’s in a word .. corp/family of corpse? Who knows, but fact is that all human construct, given power through repetition to exist as a truth in our lives takes real life time off all of us divine beings. Most people are so far off from seing things from a clear perspective, but all we can do as you say, is act with total integrity and expand – through those organic ripples – a conscious world into which more and more people will come in to. As long as we chose to stay strong and see things for what they are, while knowing our true nature as untouchable and supreme. Thank you for your time Crrow.

Love this. Thank you. New subscriber by the way. I can’t believe I took this long to start paying you what you’re owed, instead of just getting the free stuff on your YouTube channel 🙂

I decided a year ago That I’m now Benjamin Button and I’m no longer going to age.My wife seems to think Ive grown more hair on my head I have definitely stopped balding.And no more grey has appeared to date we shall see ..Mind over Matter.I too do not fear anything anymore and death Poppy Cock I embrace or choose to live a while longer.
The world is so still and natural when you take time to smell the roses.Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” “Those who find beauty in all of nature will find themselves at one with the secrets of life itself.” “Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.”

Me too brother.. everyday I tell myself I’m going to be at least 120 years old, my hair is darker I feel better I lost weight, anything not getting better is my eyesight.

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