“There is no substitute for direct observation on the path to knowing.”
~ Crrow777 ~

Take the long way home

Eight thousand plus miles, one month and twenty eight states of filming and observation will serve as the foundation for this article. I have been traveling cross-country since I was young though the last two trips have been epic in scope exceeding eight thousand miles. Bear in mind that a drive from San Diego to the east coast is about three thousand miles travelling as I have since childhood. And while much has changed in the past four decades what I observed on this journey will stick with me for the rest of my life. To be clear, I am eluding to facets of the system of deception and control we find ourselves in.

I left San Diego with most of my filming tools to include an 11” telescope. As filming at home had become very difficult due to weather manipulation and the inability to see the sky very often, the plan was to shoot in some very remote areas and in each state visited. From the outset weather did not cooperate. As fate would have it rain followed me from Utah to Michigan. In Utah I had permission to film in Arches National Monument all night with my telescope but instead hunkered down with my full spectrum camera filming two electrical storms until it was probably unsafe to do so any longer. Trying to outrun the rain we headed north. The rain followed forcing us off the road in Nebraska. On arrival in Michigan we had one clear night during a six day stay. It is here I will pause for a moment to describe one of many sad observations that underscore the system of control and deception so prevalent in this country.

I will abridge a conversation I had in the middle of the country with a barbershop owner. I was inquiring of the gentleman where I could buy locally grown produce and the conversation turned to where I was from and where I was headed due to the plates on my rental car. When I told him I was headed to the east coast he asked me how the hell I would be able to tolerate “those liberals” adding that “these” folks were at the root of our country’s problems. As the conversation progressed the topic at hand turned to chemtrails as I had just been filming them outside his shop. Though he had never heard the term chemtrail he was quick to ask many questions which culminated in a Google search for images on my phone and fresh images and video from my Nikon. At this point the barber stated that he was sure chemtrails were real and that he would go home and research. I know for a fact that he did this as I spoke with him some days later. It seems he had been informing all his long time customers about the newly discovered chemtrails. The down side of this story is that his acceptance and investigation of chemtrails stemmed solely from the fact that Obama is President – and clearly, in his view, this is reason and cause for such things. If we could only get a conservative in office, in his view, there is no way this kind of thing would happen. I will spare the reader the mirror image conversation I had in Massachusetts (among other places) with a person who viewed conservatives in similar fashion. To be clear the tone and tenor of this paragraph is readily evident across America. People have been trained to dehumanize their fellow man/woman and find only fault due to political constructs, illusions that amount to a social contract that is entered into voluntarily. A contract that will only be entered into once an individual has been marinated in news and trained to regurgitate talking points designed to coerce surrender of independent thought. As I drove I considered how absurd we have become as a nation in this regard. How is it possible that the black box in our living rooms and our local movie theaters have so easily invaded and replaced the uniqueness of so many people? How is it that so many of us drift from day to day in a dreamlike state unaware of the manipulation? Independent thought and critical thinking are on the endangered species list in this country and because this is true, the cost to us all will be very high as it facilitates the world wide take over that must be at the root of the massive system of deception we now see. I will now address another observation I made all over the country but specifically in the Upper Peninsula (the U.P.) of Michigan.

I have been to the U.P. many times. As a matter of fact my favorite gas station in the entire country is there just outside a little town called Cedar River. Not only is cheap fuel on offer but it also serves as a quasi truck stop and local eatery. The food is good and inexpensive as is true in much of Michigan due to the economic wasteland left behind by the decisions of the once mighty American auto industry. Many things in Michigan are a fraction of the cost when compared to San Diego. At any rate, as my favorite gas stop came into view for the first time in five years I noticed something big had been added to the station. It was a massive multi use cell tower – and I mean massive. One of the biggest I have ever seen with dishes, antennas and all manner of communications devices bristling ever upward well beyond the forest canopy. My heart sank as I realized the once peaceful, wild and isolated internet/cell phone free zone had been invaded. As you will see in a moment there is a point here and it has a direct bearing on a previously mentioned conversation.

As has always been true in much of the U.P., T.V. is delivered over the air. It has always been my experience that channels go in and out during the day and night due to signal strength. At times the local hotel reception may only manage one or two local stations and even those may be quite snowy with broken audio or no signal at all. What follows is my point and almost certainly the cause of my conversation with the barbershop owner. There is now one channel that comes in crystal clear day and night with signal strength to spare. Any guesses? That’s right, Fox News. The effects of this reality are as plain as day and while most of the country can choose which cable news station they would like to be programmed by, up north every T.V. I saw was spewing false and deceptive news from Fox to a conservative audience deluded daily with megawatts to spare. To be clear this is not a shot at Fox News. It is a shot at each and every so called news station in this nation – ALL OF THEM! Michigan was not unique in this matter. I could deduce what news any given person had been watching in any given state by simply observing the environment and having a short conversation. North, East, West, South  N.E.W.S., a national delusion. After all, how can any person who understands media involvement in Sandy Hoax or 911 or any of the many hundred false news events in recent memory, ever watch news again and believe it? But that is the problem; the majority of our sleepy nation accepts what cable, local and national news deliver.

The last day in the U.P. brought crystal clear skies after the rain stopped. My mind was blown as the naked eye visibility of the night sky slid into darkness. But I quickly noticed something else. The sky over Lake Michigan is alive with strange objects. At the time I had to laugh as the Hatybov writing claimed that the great lakes are home to the majority of terrestrial UFOs. At the same time I almost cried coming to the realization that even my full spectrum DSLR was not up to the task of filming them. No matter what I did, the low light conditions prevented me from obtaining any video that would matter. I added night vision tools to my wish list that night fully understanding that the first person who shows up there with quality tools will shoot some mind boggling video. And I am not talking about simple lights in the sky. I am talking about a menagerie of bazaar craft, some even appearing to enter the lake itself.

When I was young it seemed that life was so wonderful…

Many years ago I realized that I had probably not had an original thought in my head since childhood. Even as I write this I recall the lyrics of the Logical Song reminding me of this personal revelation back in the 80s. At the time I was travelling from west to east and then back at the end of the summer which was the result of growing up in the household of a college professor father. It was this particular summer I realized the value of travelling the country knowing my friends back in San Diego had no idea how diverse each region of the US is. It also forced me to begin to shed my regional SoCal attitude and mindset which I finally managed to do upon separation from the USMC having again traveled to places that allowed me to see that we are all the same in our hopes and dreams. This, in turn, allowed me to finally understand the “us vs. them” mindset that is constantly pounded into us all. It is done with flags, religion, news, T.V., movies, sports and an endless line of manmade constructs which contribute to what amounts to cradle to grave divisive programming. Moving on, I left Michigan headed for New England to familiar areas of my youth. This would mark the halfway point of the trek and the first rain free skies since leaving San Diego.

As I traveled toward the east coast the evidence of chemplanes became more obvious and blatant. Upon arrival in New England the majority of my filming centered on aerosol spraying. For those with an interest I have posted the most interesting clips on my YT channel. You can find them posted at the end of August 2015 up to present.

I was happy to be back in New England and stayed for seven days, filming the sky every day. It is clear to me now that chemtrails center heavily on population centers though they can also be found in the middle of nowhere. I will spare the blow by blow of chemtrail activity in this area in order to cover what happened in the South. Leaving New England heading south, my jaw dropped as I neared Washington D.C. It was from there to Virginia that I witnessed and filmed chemtrailing at a level that boggles the mind. I am talking non-stop spraying at every level. I have video posted on my channel of planes shot in VA (and an invisible orb brighter than Saturn shot in full spectrum) and one that I managed to film for many minutes through my 11” telescope – a first due to duration of the clip. People there state that they have not seen a sunset or rise in over two and a half years due to aerosol spraying by chemplanes. I too witnessed this in every state in the south I went through. Even when chemplanes appeared to be sparse the rising and setting sun were blotted out – every single day. Clearly, filming sunrises and sets is a good thing to do. What is being hidden at these times? Headed to New Orleans one early morning, I looked in the rearview as I left Georgia and watched as the rising sun was obliterated by chem debris – the rest of the sky was blue. I saw this every morning and evening all the way back to San Diego.

There are times when all the worlds asleep…

How can it be that the sky above our heads is being poisoned daily and the majority of people do not even notice or understand? A simply Google image search for “chemtrails” will return a global meme of astounding images and yet so many dismiss, deny and continue to travel a sleepy path devoid of critical thinking. Have you met the pajama people that make up the majority of the population? Have you considered that this group is the target audience for deception? Do you understand that as long as the majority is fooled change is unlikely? This is not meant to be derisive. It is meant to identify the objective of those who would deceive. These are the good folks we need to rouse. These are the folks who need help in understanding what is going on – every single day. There is an old quote that claims there are three kinds of people. It states that there are people who understand, people who understand when shown and people who do not understand even when shown. Let’s hope this last group is not very large – if the old quote has merit. I am sure the media of this world will do everything it can to foster and grow this last group. Not to mention chemtrails in commercials and movies that has become common place now. I saw it in a movie – how can it be anything but normal contrails?

It almost seems as if some Harry Potteresque spell has been cast over the population designed to prevent people from understanding what is in plain sight. This should be a tongue in cheek quip but the truth is that TV, media, news, school and many other information purveyors have been designed to marinate the human mind in lies – that are then accepted without question, much like a spell. Take the red herring often offered up to explain all those persistent white lines in the sky; “you are seeing contrails or ice crystals commonly left by all jets under the right conditions”. And yet a simple internet search will inform anyone that the modern high-bypass jet engine is all but incapable of creating “contrails”. And then there are people like me who have spent many thousands of hours filming chemtrails and providing a ton of video evidence and explanation. I am here to tell you that there is no question chemtrails are being sprayed across our world every single day! The evidence is overwhelming and beyond question at this point. But all this matters not, as long as the majority is fooled.

I filmed chemtrails in every state I visited that was not experiencing rain. I have found that chemtrail activity increases over larger populations. I also found that they are sprayed in the middle of nowhere which I filmed in the upper peninsula of Michigan, as an example. It is the same old song and dance. I watch the trails being sprayed and then film/observe the effects. I have done this so many times it is very hard to deal with folks who refuse to consider anything more than what Bill O’reilly or Wolf Blitzer have regurgitated from pre-written talking points that have been designed to program and hypnotize minds. It is actually very maddening to be forced to accept the conditions we face that the majority of people foster in their ignorance. I do my best to keep in mind that many people have little time for much else once work, family and bills are dealt with. I realize that the very system that requires so much of us is, in fact, self protecting with regard to having time to consider the reality of things. To top it off many “aware minds” have become jaded to the point that patience for the sleepy majority is non-existent. Patience has been replaced by scorn which destroys any chance for meaningful communication. What is to be done when those who understand cannot communicate with those who do not? It seems this is one of the apex problems of our time and possibly the main hurdle that must be leaped if change is to occur.

In closing I will mention a few more observations that stuck with me as I drove the final leg home along the southernmost route to the west coast. Overall, road traffic in this country is down. Not in the local sense but in the cross country sense. Gas prices had not yet fallen on this trip but it struck me how localized a nation we seem to have become. Having driven cross country many times I must also state that police speed traps were nearly non-existent. In the past speed traps were a primary concern and now it seems most of the police are in city centers. I have never traveled long distances before without having to watch out for the dreaded speed trap.

I was also reminded of the gasoline control system game on this trip. Having left nearly $4 a gallon prices in San Diego, I gawked at gas signs in Georgia advertizing $1.97 a gallon gas. And this was before the recent price fall. Also, I am sure air quality and gas use have a relationship but emission standards are said to be at an all time high. I witnessed firsthand that a sharp decline in air quality is evident in many of the less populated areas. In 2010 I took pictures of a sky so blue it almost hurt my eyes – in New Mexico. I did not see this anywhere on this trip. I saw a lot of dingy sky and chemtrails must play into this.

Between Nebraska and Michigan there was a lot of road work. And while this might not seem like something to report I feel it is for the following reasons. The ripped up interstates we saw in this area stretched on for many miles. This alone is nothing unusual but the fact that the roads were being ripped away down to dirt is. I have never seen so many endless miles of freeway torn down to the dirt and widened. I am talking major stretches of road that did not seem to deal with massive traffic on any great level, at least not by San Diego standards.

Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned

And then there were the “check points”, three of them. They started in New Mexico and continued in Arizona and culminated in California. These check points stop every vehicle on the highway and demand citizenship by well armed officers under the guise of border security and produce inspection. But that is not the half of it. They also break the law of the land openly.

As I approached the first check point I had my navigator look up the Supreme Court case UNITED STATES v. MARTINEZ-FUERTE. I did this to remind myself what I already knew with full intention of denying any search of my vehicle or detainment. (Note* Talk about being stuck in a worldly system) At the very first check point I was asked my citizenship as the navigator filmed. The officer then began to ask if I was hiding anyone in the vehicle and glanced over to secondary to see if he could flag me in. He then waved me through as I saw what he saw. There were two upper middle class families (all blond ironically) in expensive SUVs, being searched illegally. Their new luggage was being removed from their vehicles and searched. There was no room in secondary for one more – me – and I am certain a show down would have followed had officers been free to illegally search my vehicle.

This is exactly what I was prepared to refuse as it is not the mandate of these police state check points. Anyone with an interest in freedom should search YT for endless clips of people denying check point authority over Americans and look up the guidelines for these stops. I passed the second two check points late in the same day without incident though there would have been had illegal search and seizure ensued. It is now impossible to get into the city of San Diego without being subject to these Supreme Court sanctioned Gestapo check points – from any direction.

Lastly, this is a beautiful country, stunningly so, in fact. The diversity and size alone stagger the imagination and when one drives though so much of it in one shot, an amazing picture emerges. What Americans have in this land is incredible and worth sharing and defending. Unfortunately, the defense that is currently required has nothing to do with supposed terrorists or foreign enemies and everything to do with Governments, corporations, police, border enforcement, and banks. I will say again for the record that the systems of deception and control we face are built on illusions and voluntary subscription by the people. Will you be a person who subscribes or a person who does not? Even the air you breathe is under attack with daily aerosol spraying. If enough of us stand up for what is right and correct, the system we see will be much harder to impose. So do not be fooled, there is an end game in our future and it seems to not include rights and freedoms of the average person.

Won’t you sign up your name, we’d like to feel you’re acceptable, respectable, presentable, a vegetable!’
– Supertramp, Breakfast in America (album) –

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Many new toll hiways here in Ontario – feels odd to drive on them as some seem to be in no mans land. Lots of our farmland destroyed in the making of these roads. Many of the drivers here have paid several times over for the so-called priviledge to drive on these super hiways. First through taxation and now sold off to the cronies in the structure for probably pennies comparatively and more through massive tolls where we pay for a monthly transponder whether you use it or not I think, to excessive tolls per kilometer. Cant help but feel trapped as I drove on a family trip several summers ago out east to Newfoundland through Quebec, New Brunswick etc.. because there are ‘moose and wildlife’ protection fences along many of these hiways on both sides of the roads for miles and miles. Hmmm really, for wildlife eh ? And another oddity, communication/cell/mindcontol towers are now erected about every 3 – 5 miles along these roads…I find this odd but not really. My spidey senses tell me this is more groundwork for the coming onslaught of complete control of not only our minds but also of our cars while we are driving. Sadly, most of the Mom and Pop food stops and gas stations have been closed down due to the roads being directed well away from the original roads. These small towns that thrived and depended on the travellers have become ghost towns in many ways forcing the locals to look for employment, shopping etc elsewhere. This of course is a big part of their Agenda 2030 (2021) or who knows what it is called now or when it has been changed to. Makes me very sad to ‘see’ this obvious to me deception but not so obvious to many others, not even my family. They think I am ‘out there’ and I have to agree with them that it does seem bizarre this strange tale of life we are living here. I would rather be exactly where I am right now and hope that I can be here for them when they too begin to remember who they are in their divinity and begin to ‘see’ truth also.

Well put Crrow. I like the way you think and your ability to put it in writing.

Way back when Kennedy was supposedly shot, that’s when I started to become suspicious that we are not being told what was happening but rather what we were to believe. I doubted Oswald did what they were saying. Then, as I attempted to get my first ‘job’ at age 15, with my dad back in the mid sixties, he informed me that I had to get a SS #. I protested, but had to succumb.

After 5 home births, a reputation of refusing vaccines, fast forward to Sandy Hoax. That was it! There was no WAY that these families that were paraded out in front of TV cameras, lost their baby YESTERDAY! That’s when I started talking to family, friends and mere short term acquaintances maybe in the check out lines about the BS all around us.

In fact, I lost a cycling buddy when I mentioned my observation that the sun could not possibly be 93 millions miles away. It appears to be much much much closer than that!! I learned how to broach these subjects more creatively.

I love the ring of truth in your perspective, I relate to it, thanks, Keep up the quest. You are very gifted to be doing what you are doing. Thank full to your parents for your life. Good Speed!!! Deborah from Plymouth

I was in Kauai for 6 months. 9-1-2018 to 3-1-2019. I saw no chem trails the whole time. However I could not ever see the Sun “rise” over the ocean because of a cloud line.

Love reading your blog posts.

Re : chemtrails
Has anyone noticed whether chemtrails activity changed at all over the springtime months when most commercial flights were grounded due to covid travel restrictions?

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