“There is real peace and harmony in this world that is obliterated each day by staged show biz violence- called news.”

Pushing the barriers planting seeds

If you are one of the multitudes of people who have become aware in the new century, you might think we live in the age of the mind weapon. And while this is in fact true, it is nothing new. Staged fear, staged violence and scripted wars have been going on for generations. So much so that it is hard to know how far back it goes. As I write this article the majority of the world is caught in the grips of fear and concern over terrorism. And as the aware people can tell you, there is no basis for concern on any level with regard to terrorism. Even the President is on the record referring to terrorists as “ACTORS”. IP addresses for supposed ISIS terrorists have recently been shown to be owned by the British Gov. It is made up out of whole cloth. It is produced in Hollywood. It is spewed at you every day from your TV/news. It is a constructed mind weapon that is then seeded into the minds of this world which has two over arching effects. The first is to convince people to embrace hatred and fear. The second is that some people will buy into the illusion so thoroughly that they begin to enact violence or behavior that would otherwise not exist. The majority of people who read this will likely dismiss these words as a very bold claim but I make no apology or retraction. Truer words have never been spoken. Wake up or “keep on playing those mind games forever”…

This is my ninth article for THC, with one more to go, and I have tried desperately to find a way to help those who seek to find the path. I wrote about the rules I bound myself to, many years back, in order to break free from illusion. I tried my best to say and show things that demonstrate the illusion. I drove across this country three times and wrote about what I saw, again attempting to awaken sleepy minds. I will again do my best to show the way in this article but for the record, I will no longer sugar coat what many awakened minds now see… hear… smell, beyond the shadow of doubt. It is what it is and it is not up for debate in my view any more than the color of the sky is. It is self evident for those who have an awakened brain, eyes to see and ears to hear.

Playing the mind guerrilla

HOW CAN YOU DENY THAT YOU PIG!!! PEOPLE DIED AT SANDY HOOOOOK!!!!!  NO! They did not and no amount of bullying, accusing, shaming or anything else will ever make me echo or accept the lie that is Sandy Hook. But Sandy Hook is one small event in a list of staged events so long it defies imagination – and that word really sums it up… IMAGINATION. It is the key required ingredient for any staged crisis (cr-ISIS) event… the mind weapon.

I have said it many times before, belief is the key. Once a human mind believes in something it can no longer see detail or recognize that which is false. Belief is a thing that is often entered into without any investigation or vetting of any kind. Once belief is entered into it is a very difficult thing to undo – for most people. I have also said this many times be-lie-f. Unfortunately the majority of people who read this will shrug of the coded word play so integral to the system we live in. And it is not only wordplay that the aware mind must confront but number codes as well. The false reality we are presented with every day is precisely numerically coded to the point that it is nearly impossible to consider the system was built by human minds. Make no mistake; there is a reason so few of us have been able to break through the illusion that is this world. The vast majority of us have never even glimpsed an inkling of reality. The system itself ensures this and families, jobs, taxes and kids (etc) all add to the inability of the average person to examine much of anything beyond work and survival. This is why Sandra Bullock’s new movie titled, “Crisis is our Brand”, will slide past most minds un-noticed. Not mine. (CR)(ISIS) is in fact their brand and you buy that brand every single day you accept and believe false news/TV and pay for movies designed to program you continuously and reinforce past lies. Consider the Apollo lie. This particular lie will require maintenance until the end of time. But then again the cracks in this lie are growing daily.

I AM AFRAID TO QUESTION OR SPEAK UP ABOUT THE PARIS, SAN BERNADINO, BOSTON BOMBING, LAX, DORNER, GABRIEL GIFFORDS, AURORA, PLANNED PARENTHOOD, VIRGINIA TECH, CHARLESTON CHURCH, OREGON UMPQUA, LAFAYETTE GRAND, CHATTANOOGA, COLUMBIA MALL, WALTER SCOTT, ROSEBURG, SANTA BARBERA, KENYA WESTGATE MALL, NAVY YARD, FERGUSON, TRANS ASIA FLIGHT, UC SANTA BARBARA, FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL (shall I go on? This is a tiny fraction of recent events!) ATTACKS/SHOOTINGS BECAUSE PEOPLE COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!  NO!No one was killed and nobody was hurt and any awake mind on the planet understands this to the very core of their being. But why is it that so few are able to detect that which is so blatantly obvious? More on this later in the ‘grail’ paragraphs.

Chanting the Mantra peace on earth

Close your eyes and consider a world without the Internet, news, TV, movies or Hollywood or media of any kind. Consider a world where all information comes from observation or friends and acquaintances. If you can you are building a world in your mind that resembles reality much more closely than the world you will see when you stop considering and open your eyes. In the world we are considering fear porn, staged violence and choreographed wars do not get blasted at the population every day which means peace, love and compassion are not drowned out or scared away. But the truth is that we do not need to imagine this at all as a peaceful world does exist once you learn to recognize the false construct we live in. You see, the reason for the fear and violence ridden false construct is to ensure you never understand that humans are not violent and hateful by nature, among other things. If they were there would be no need to stage false events by the numbers every month of every year. There is no need to continually create something that already exists in abundance. The truth is that left on our own, free of manipulation, we would have a shortage of violence and fear as compared to the current manufactured standard. Sure some people suck but the majority do not or people could not exist. When is the last time you met a killer, and if you have was that thousands of times in your life or once? And, by the way, this reality that we call the world is driven and created by mind. My mind. Your mind. Our mind. Get it? Understand? Shed fear and abandon the false construct that is killing peace and controlling the existence for all of us. Do it now, the hour is late and there is an end game!

Some kinda druid dudes lifting the veil

It is quite possible that NASA will cease to exist in my life time. And though we know the privately held SpaceX with the actor Elon Musk at the helm is standing by, it is time for NASA to evaporate. Even now Mr. Musk is making appearances on the Big Bang TV show, programming minds and prepping for the next fraud campaign. The preplanned and coded fun and fraud never ends. Unfortunately a private corporation replacing NASA also means all information will be trade secrets of a corporation/private company with no real recourse for the public, not that we had any with NASA’s never ending lies and fraud. The money NASA defrauded America out of for Apollo alone is staggering.

It is very clear that there was a time when the world waited with baited breath at NASA’s next amazing image or mission, but those days are long gone. Those days have been replaced with clear knowledge of the fraud that is NASA that covers everything they have ever done in the public eye. So much so that longtime employees will not even say the four letter word on resumes. I saw this recently while researching a supposed micro satellite company. In short, many of us waited for NASA to lift the veil and finally help define our place in the scope of things. That is never going to happen but it has opened the door for people like me to go out and discover what we can. It turns out making huge discoveries is not reserved for men in white lab coats. No sir! This is the age of individuals making discoveries and sharing the information with the world. The new breed of researcher belongs to no group and follows no protocol. In the same way the internet decentralized communication and linked a world the individual is now key in kicking down walls and boundaries and outing the lies of so many decades past. The lunar wave stands testament to this assertion, among others. That singular piece of HD footage shot near the fall equinox of 2012 may someday serve as a milestone in time that marks when the illusions created by NASA, backed by governments, began to fall in earnest. The door to a true definition of our world, the moon, space and all things beyond our blue sky is opening. There is no guarantee we will walk through that door but there is sure as hell opportunity.

I was recently told by an interviewer in Spain that I was very well known in his country due to the lunar wave footage. I have been told this many times and I am aware that the words “lunar wave” are worldwide at this point. Yet – my mightiest clip on YT only shows around 300k hits. How can these two things jive? I once posted a clip I named “Chembomb” that showed a weather balloon like device I assume was dropped from a chemplane. I filmed it with my telescope as it exploded over houses and posted it. Some weeks later I was sent a message to look at the hit count on a private website. I did and it showed over one million hits with my Chembomb clip properly embedded on the page and nothing else. To this day YT’s count is nowhere near that. My point here is that it does not matter that they are lying. A butt-load of folks still saw the footage and the individual marches on while some Druid dudes at YT knit their veils and hide reality. But even that has no effect on the truth!

Some call it magic the search for the grail

Let’s talk about what allows a person to think. Let’s talk about what prevents a person from being able to think. Let’s talk about something that affects every human in this world everyday – food/water. Most of us are not aware of what has become of the food and water supply around the world and specifically in the USA, the target country. I will use as an example information learned by a man and his daughter who cured cancer decades ago only to have the laws in this country change months later outlawing treating cancer and disease with plant juices!! I shit you not.

The Gerson Method is known by many as an actual cure for many types of disease and cancer and can clinically back that statement up and yes, it is illegal for the daughter of Max Gerson (who discovered this), Charlotte, to offer this cure here and is forced to operate in Tijuana Mexico just south of San Diego, my town. Charlotte’s father Max was killed by poison, if I remember, and survived long enough using his method to pass what he knew to his daughter now in her 80’s – I think. Before I go on I will state flat out that I have done this treatment using coffee and plant juice and while I was not a cancer patient what I experienced was nothing short of mind blowing. The first time I followed the Gerson method for a couple days my body/mind felt as if they had been flushed clean of poisons and I felt 16 years old again – I am dead serious.

I will draw from memory things I learned about food having studied the Gerson Method. First off so many of the things we eat are not even considered food by the folks who cured cancer. You will need to go learn on your own to get the whole picture as I am pulling from memory here. Also, Microwaves, tinfoil and a long list of common household food related items are OFF THE TABLE %100 as they are known to do damage to the human body and contribute to disease and cancer. Got a “cell” phone in your pocket? I will summarize what I recall to shorten what anyone with an interest should research as soon as they finish this article by starting here: http://gerson.org/gerpress/.

Back when the Gerson method was younger the amount of “regular” food people were advised to eat was much less restricted than it is currently. In the present day I think “normal” American diet and food is only advised to make up about %10 (I think – memory) of a person’s diet who wants to avoid getting sick due to processed, nutrition depleted and toxic food stuffs. In other words over the past few decades the food has gotten so bad the folks who cured cancer will not even touch it! Our water is no better, for the most part.

Some years back, in San Diego, the water was fluoridated. And as if this is not bad enough the smell of chlorine bleach is often overwhelming for those of us who use reverse osmosis to get de-fluoridated drinking water. The Gerson Method takes pains to point out what has become of the water and implements distilled water as a result. Again, in other words, the water is poisoned from the tap, by those charged with protecting us.

I have been vague in this section for one reason. People need to go learn about the actual cure for cancer on their own. If I ever have cancer I know where I will go and it sure as hell will not be to a hospital to get radiated or poisoned with chemotherapy! Go learn this stuff as it is real and a big damn deal. By the way look up Max Gerson on Wikipedia to learn his plant juices, taken from edible plants (apples, carrots, lettuce etc…), are ineffective and dangerous! Need to know anything more about our death system than that? But then again, any dentist who will put mercury in your fillings – or – any municipal government who will poison water with fluoride are already so integrated into the death system it makes calling apple juice dangerous a mere pun. What is it that an apple a day does? Yeah, words have meaning.

The point of this section was to broach that having the ability to think at a high level is dependent on what the human body ingests. Though I wondered off a bit to make side points, do not be fooled by food and water. They have been intentionally corrupted by those with power knowing full well the result of their actions on a population. Next time you meet an organic vegetarian who drinks well water you might want to listen and give them a chance to expand what you know. May sound corny but it is no joke. In my view it is quite possible that being fooled into calling yourself a Republican or Democrat has its foundation not only in programming but in the food and water supply. If you see no merit in this have a Fig Newton some pasteurized milk and turn on cable news for your truth. And by the way, people are not cows – get it?

Projecting our images in space and in time

You may have noticed I often sub title my articles with lines from songs as they tell us so much that is then dismissed by most of us. Consider how much Apple Records changed this world, top to bottom  followed by Apple Computers that did even more to our constructed lives. Make no mistake that the latter Apple Company I mention has played a key role in ensuring the 21st century is literally an open book being read each day by those who seek to control EVERYTHING. There is a line to follow here but I will not offer it up freely. Either learn to see and look and understand or remain as you are. The choice has and always will be yours.

Few understand the power of algorithms and data mining. Few understand that every single piece of data they throw out at the cash register, Internet, social media etc… is collected and then mined. This fact was echoed in a recent Marvel movie called ‘The Winter Soldier’. It is no joke and as a person who actually worked at a place that used early data mining on the Internet, I can tell you – you have no idea. Back then data cubes were used though I have no idea what a multi-million sided object is called. Surely that is where this has all gone not to mention improved code and computing power to mine it all, all done automatically and all done at the speed of light.

So what are they mining you ask? While I have no way to be exact I can build a construct of my own, based on experience and knowledge that is not only possible but likely. What if I told you that data mining can extract incredibly accurate and specific information on any given person based on data that would seem unlikely to yield anything important? It can. What if I told you that in the current age every single thing you do with a card, account, transaction and all Internet activity is logged collected and sold or shared? It is. Information and data is king now. When you use a gas card, library card, debit card, social media or anything to do with banking, money or purchase to include texting and tweets, it is collected and used. The sad thing is you just give that information away. Facebook is maybe one of the worst offenders and so many of us could care less as long as we can jerk our minds off, entertain ourselves and constantly write to people we have never even met. I am checking into Wal-Mart now (hit enter) – get that everyone?

To cut to the chase, the data mining I am talking about here gives someone in the world the ability to know things about you that you will never know about yourself. Consider that it is likely that some entity in this world knows, with a high nineties percentile accuracy, when you will die to the month, day and hour, what will kill you, where it will happen and what group of people this puts you in. Do you know that? Consider that it is quite possible that each of us has been placed in groups like so many beans counted and put in the correct holder. In my lifetime folks had to do blood tests just to get married and were told the RH factor had to be known. For some reason that does not matter anymore so I guess what was needed was collected. In any event each of us gave up that data at birth.

I will beat this drum no longer in this article and close with the following. Life is not a game and it is not for entertainment. The average person can no longer see this truth due to the overwhelming amusement park the Internet and western life has become. It is a bit like sheep to the slaughter. There are people controlling every facet of our lives every day. I would be willing to bet the day this article posts a big crisis event will take place. My odds are very good. Will you be a person on the merry go round or a person who stands up and ends this game of ages? The game I so often talk about is enacted by the ruling class and built like a house of cards. Even a small wind will change everything. This system is built on mind and a change of mind will change the system. Are you with me? God I pray that you are. If not prepare for the ritual dance in the sun that you were never taught anything about. But then again the dance is not meant for you – is it?

So keep on playing those mind games together
Doing the ritual dance in the sun
Millions of mind guerrillas…
– John Lennon – we are told –

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What really is provable is the concept of a ‘suitcase Nuclear Bomb’ bull that was perpetrated in the 60’s through media and films..here in the UK the BBC (Big Bro Co) was the main culprit operated by evil forces in high positions. So we were told that a nuclear suitcase bomb was only a matter of time but in fact after 50 + years the so called ‘terrorist’ has resorted to driving vehicles into people (fake).. at least we now know that nuclear weapons does not exist!! It is a lonely path deciphering and showing these muppets the contempt they deserve but essential if we individually or collectively are to ascend to higher consciousness..

Good Work Crrow777

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