057 Transhumanism is Coming – the Real Matrix Free

Date: May 25, 2017

Since the 1940s the idea of Cybernetics has been in play and this is the foundation for Transhumanism – or merging people with machines. There is a full frontal push to implement this idea and it appears many of our cultural past-times paved the way. From Sci-Fi to Social Media, transhumanism has always been in the play book by the very same oligarchy families we cover here. Are you ready to be a cyborg?

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  1. John Harrington says:

    In episode 57, you alluded to substances that enhance brain function. Such a class of drug and nutrients have been identified long ago and are called, “nootropics.” (Pronounced: Know O tropics). You can find information in a book entitled, “Smart Drugs and Nutrients,” by Ward Dean, MD. Until 2002, those substances, which are not intoxicating, could be purchased through a European site.