077 The Fall of Social Media to Censorship and FEMA – Protecting Your World (Free)

Date: October 12, 2017

Welcome back my friends to the show that will not end… Let’s cover the fall of social media to censorship and FEMA. We are through the looking glass and control is out in the open now. What is the capitol of Nevada? It isn’t Vegas! Oops I did it again.



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  1. Tyler Gorton says:

    Listening now. Just want to say, FLAT Revival’s channel has received a strike on a video that literally did not exist … I was scheduling our next livestream and only had the title ‘FLAT Revival Hangs Out With Finding the Curve Director Einar Kuusk’ and a couple of sentences of a description written. THAT is the supposed video that received a strike, a video for a stream that had not even happened yet. No video existed. Our appeal was denied this morning. How does a TITLE get flagged? A title that mentions nothing controversial or offensive? Things are out of control. FRM will be moving to an obscure streaming platform integrated directly into our main site, so no matter what platform we use, the URL to our streams will always remain the same.

  2. rfjardim@gmail.com says:

    We have to go back in time to the pre-YouTube era, when we wanted content we had to go to websites, not content portals, which were really bad back then … it is our fault that these companies became too big , and now they monopolize the way we think, by having 100% control over the information we have access to …


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