112 A Bank is a Court – Common Law, Natural Law & Admiralty Law “Speak” (Free)

Date: June 14, 2018

When you walk into a court (Bank) it appears English is being spoken, but think again. You do not even overstand what type of law is being practiced in most cases. Say or do the wrong thing and pay the price – literally. After all what looks like a court of law may well actually be a bank engaged in commerce.

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  1. John Vanderveur says:

    Crow I’m at my local park in gladwyne Pennsylvania low Merion Township and the sign says no swimming no smoking that’s

  2. John Vanderveur says:

    So the next sign says Flat Rock Park boating facility rules and regulations all motorized most bills the forecast for some world-class must be permitted for the boat ramp person work and supposed to be registered all operators was boating safety thing all rent must be around open for other both no fishing no loitering those sunbathing no eating no drinking no fishing or no sunbathing go fishing and no swimming what the hell are you supposed to do at a river at a park if you can’t do all these things and we live in a free country so you need to do an episode on our public parks and the restrictions are placed upon people that when I utilize these open natural facilities that our God given to us to enjoy not to be regulated please do an episode on our national parks in local and how the local municipalities especially the one in Lower Merion Township phone number 610-645-6220 restrict the uses a love to send you a picture says no swimming what do you do in a river

  3. John Vanderveur says:

    Hey Crow is there anyway you can contact me I love to discuss some things with you you and I always seem to be on the same page things that you discuss I felt to be true for most of my life especially when it comes to the education system and vaccines and stuff along those lines but you can contact me at gmail.com I would really appreciate