113 Hey Judge, I object to this Nisi Prius Court! I am not a Defendant! (Free)

Date: June 21, 2018

Is it possible to be called into court as the defendant but show up as the Magistrate? If the ideas in this episode are shown to be correct – yes, in fact, you can! As a matter of fact, if any of the ideas in this episode are true, change may be closer than we think. Let’s challenge and test these ideas-

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8 Comments so far.

  1. mlusineus says:

    Every Judge is a corporation, with capital letters.

  2. mlusineus says:

    Every Judge is a corporation, with capital letters. It can me searched on the internet.

  3. Chad Tolbert says:

    Crrow and Jason, I’ve been loving these last few interviews. I’ve been a paid subscriber since the start. I remember when you first talked about starting a podcast on THC with
    Greg Carlwood. Anyway, maybe I’m at error but I can’t find a copy or any links to what Alphonse said. I thought he or you were going to provide links to the “counter claim” forms and what to say. I want to try it out on a simple vehicle inspection not current thing. Its a $90 fine because I’ve been in violation before. I’m going to try an establish common law and see what happens. This is all on me.

    1. Crow says:

      Alphonse has provided many links and still seems to be active in to comments under the full show. If something you wanted is not posted find him in comments and ask – cheers.

      1. Chad Tolbert says:

        Crrow you’re awesome in your quick reply. I appreciate that. I think something is wrong on my end because I only see comments from you, me and another person.

  4. Peter Nurmilehto says:

    This is so intresting, and surreal.

    Is this kind of system only in America?land of the free.

    What about us in europe, we dont have so harsh sentences yet but the police state is growing. At least in Sweden.
    Have you any info to share or can invite someone to the show about the european laws.

  5. rethinkingthecurve says:

    What about Lysander Spooner?