134 – The Skyclock, Luminaries, Sun, Moon & Stars are Higher Education (Free)

Date: November 15, 2018

In the modern era very few people understand that the Skyclock is the only true keeper of time in our world. In the modern era we are trying, once again, to regain ancient knowledge of the thing that is said to have lifted humans out of barbarism – the Skyclock. If there is a true record of human existence it is likely accessible through understanding the Skyclock.


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  1. Georgia Kubesh-Vanderpoel says:

    I’ve been doing Astrology for 12 years, I worked with it in 60’s and I thought like you guys did. What important to remember is there is male and female, earth fire, water air, aspects, cardinal, mutual etc. This is the year in which we will be evening out feminisms that is why certain planets are entering Thur portals. Remember our Sun is a portal.Every living thing has a cycle, like the Bible says. Venus is leading the feminine into this cycle, good book is by Demetria George and Douglas Bloch “ Asteriod Goddesses”. And everything works on vibrations including the Universe!

  2. Georgia Kubesh-Vanderpoel says:

    Does NASA stand for never a straight answer?