We have fallen a long way since the 1800s in terms of learning and knowing. Back in the day a Classic Education included foundational teachings tied to nature where there is no lie. We can still access abridged versions of the so-called seven liberal arts in the Quadrivium and Trivium. It has been said that no higher learning was possible without a solid understanding of both Geometry and Music. This makes perfect sense when one discovers all form is created by vibration and held as form by Keynotes across all planes of existence. The Harmonograph of the Quadrivium shows us this and the lost art of Cymatics proves it outright. Did you know all color is created by vibration? Did you know all color has a specific meaning which can inform you at a high level anytime you see color in the world? It is time to get back to real educational methods based in reality. This episode will help you get started – or your young ones for that matter! Just look up THE WOODEN BOOKS series and get copies of the Trivium and Quadrivium. You will not regret it.

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