258- In the Beginning is the Zygote – Know Thy Origin (Free)



Comprehending and claiming your origin should go without saying. Unfortunately, in our era, much effort has been spent to fool you into claiming a birth date instead of where it is you began – at the zygote. There are still places in this world that count the entire time in the womb as the foundation for the age of a being. In our world this has been forgotten and this lapse in judgment has opened the doors to fraud on a level that is unimaginable. It is time to understand the difference between an object and a living man or woman granted the Divine Spark and Spirit/Breath of life and when this happens. Your first breath brings in the Spirit, but life was created long before this birth related event. All those who are planning to have a family might consider marking the fertilization date in place of the birthday as that is the point where we all begin. There is a timeline of your life and those who forget this truth will continue to be subject to a system built and run on fraud. You did not begin “life” at birth, plain and simple.