312.5- Each of us was Granted the Divine Spark and Freewill at Our Creation (Free)

The slow creep of repetition has led society to forget who they are, why they are here and what was granted to each of us at our creation. Corporation has infested nearly all facets of living in the modern world, and unfortunately corporation has little or no concern for the rights of living men and women. It is here that we pause as the first of us makes a stand to re-claim what has been gifted to each of us. It is a thing that endures. It is a thing that cannot be taken away. But as it turns out it is also a thing each of us can give away or lose through neglect and ignorance. It is now time to reconsider every offer with a spiritual eye, an eye aimed at reclaiming what corporation seeks to usurp – The Divine Spark and Freewill. This episode demonstrates what it means to spiritually wake up and defend the rights each of us was born with.