The underlying foundation of this world is demonstrated each year in the experience of seasons. As the skyclock rotates, from our point of view, there will be Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter without fail, through all of known time. This truth is the basis for comprehending that the skyclock is the conductor of life in this world. With the onset of modern information systems and schooling, so called civilized nations have lost sight of the import of this truth, for just over a century now. The evidence of this can be seen in old maps that used to include the path of the sun, the equator and the four seasons. All myth that matters also includes the time of year, often encoded using seasonal imagery, like when a certain flower is in bloom. Religions too are based on the skyclock and in the west we can use “the acceptable year of the Lord” to demonstrate this fact. And yet we currently exist in a world mostly bereft of comprehension of the skyclock, while the powers that run this world are in lock-step with the overlord of all life. To be in lock-step is to comprehend the possibilities, benefits and deficits of any given period of time, thereby operating in accordance with the cycles of creation. As a matter of fact, the entirety of our artificial systems are built on or counterfeiting the natural cycles of this world, conducted daily by the skyclock.

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