335- The end of the 1960s - Moon, Manson, Woodstock & Change (Free)

This episode closes our podcast trilogy covering the 1960s, the decade that changed everything. To comprehend the magnitude of the cultural shift, simply consider the tone and tenor of the 1950s and then compare with what you know to the 1960s. All facets of entertainment and media have evolved into something new in this decade, whether it is music, news or even televisions shows; it is all changed to reflect the new trajectory of America and by proxy, the world. For the first time war is broadcast nightly on the news, as an example of this assertion. How we view sex and violence is also updated, shifting away from the more conservative culture of the 50s. With Leave it Beaver in the rear view, the world was then on a collision course with the now commonplace ultra-violence currently paraded by John Wick. With porn on demand and violence currently at glorious new levels, many have forgotten where we once existed, six decades ago, in the analog world. As you read this with your feet firmly planted in the digital age, I ask a simple question – was our trajectory from the 60s about technology and progress, or is it about subterfuge and engineering? Whatever your point of view this has all come to pass in my lifetime.