Transhumanism is the idea that computer technology should be merged with living men and women in order to enhance longevity, mood and cognitive abilities. As a matter of fact it is now stated that this is going to happen – period. It is also stated that implementation of transhumanism will create war and a great divide between those who want it and those who do not. If we have learned anything from the natural sciences of the past we should comprehend that living things are all made up of Body, Soul and Spirit. A computer, or any technology, lacks at least two thirds of this alchemically proven break-down. It might be said that a computer or technology has a body, but even that is artificial in reality and differs greatly from anything made by nature. The ultimate goal of the transhuman agenda is to reach H+, or Human+, a kind of post human existence. This, in turn, is supposed to reach the ability to upload consciousness into the cloud which is claimed to be a sort of immortality – unless the power goes out, I guess. It is here I ask a simple question: How is it that we, who are living, now travel a path toward systems without life? Lastly, as with all things in this age of deception, the roots of transhumanism are science fiction. Keep in mind the first sci-fi story was Frankenstein, a story about a dead corpse reanimated to man-made life, but again, where is the soul? Who would have thought that a cleverly written fiction story or film could define our actual perception of reality?

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