342- I’d Like to Help You in Your Struggle to be Free – Comprehending Law (Free)

When my generation was young we were taught, in school, that this is a nation of laws. We were also taught about our rights and how government works, and what the legislative, executive and judicial branches do – to include how laws are made and enforced. Back in those days the idea was literally – our rights come first. Over many decades we have arrived at a place where children are no longer taught very much about government, our rights or the idea of the rule of law. Television and movies have played a major role in this mind-shift by portraying and normalizing the loss of legal procedure and our rights, slowly shifting minds to accept corporate policy as law. In the 1970s being pulled over by police was less likely and a very different experience than it is now in both frequency and how we get treated. Currently there is a barrage of mandates, guidelines and dictates that are being enforced as if they had the force of law, and yet, for most of these afflictions, there are no laws. Men and women are now relearning legal procedure in order to properly use the system and utilize the enforcement that is built into it. We are slowly seeing courts utilized by those self-taught, to force an outcome. Do we need a new system or is there an existing system that can end corporate tyranny which is currently masquerading as having the force of law?