Nature is perfect in its function and delivery, never creating waste or requiring more energy in its endless cycles. Every culture has taught this truth in different ways, in order to remember and pass on information that rises above all other knowledge. To comprehend the rules of nature (creation), and to then live in accordance, has always been the perfected path to elevation that is second to none. It is in this natural example, set forth by creation; we find the only truth that exists. In this episode we cover ideas that likely came to be before humanity’s wholesale separation from nature – or in a time where the connection to creation was obvious, and gods simply meant aspects of nature. This is proven by their association with the days of the week and luminaries in the Skyclock. Just as there are 12 labors of Hercules, 12 Arthurian Knights, 12 tribes and 12 disciples – the same story has been told to different cultures, in different languages and in different eras. But like the game “telephone”, over time and through deception, the meanings and connections have become lost to us. But this too, by the perfection of nature, is not lost forever. Alchemy represents a learning method designed to prove and teach the perfection of nature, but it too can be beneficial or malignant as it is in our current era of fallen ideals and ways. The history and truth of all is written in the stars, which no man can change – hence the perfection of this creation remains permanently within our reach. Just look up!

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