083 The Coming 5G Networks & A.I. – Point of no Natural Return (Free)

Date: November 24, 2017

By the early 2020s it is likely robots and AI will be able to do the jobs of most humans. The coming 5G networks will be the infrastructure for this future. The RF frequency of 5G may be very bad for human, plant & animal cells and our natural world – soon to disappear in a digital haze.

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2 Comments so far.

  1. Lobchuk75@gmail.com says:

    If I want to sleep well I do it in my basement with the wifi unplugged!

  2. Dolphinsrsmart says:

    So sorry this happened, the shut down is happening and hardly anyone is noticing…thanks for trying to get the word out, I have done a membership to help support the cause. This is a monopoly world. If you are not part of the monopoly, there you go. Watch the homeschoolers – they could be our salvation. They don’t fall for this sh*t as much.