140 – Alchemy, Making Perfect Remedies from Nature – NOT Synthetic Drugs (Free)

Date: December 27, 2018

There is a renewed and growing interest in alchemy which is the forerunner of modern, materialistic science. Phoenix Aurelius is a master Alchemist/Spagyrist and joins us to cover these older sciences that achieve within the limits of what nature will permit. If there is such a thing as perfect medicine, this is where you will find it – and totally in-step with the natural world.


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  1. Georgia Kubesh-Vanderpoel says:

    Great show

  2. Dalla says:

    I’m listening to this show tonight for possibly the third time now, it is fantastic! I plan on listening with paper and pencil in hand asap! So much great information, Much Thank to you Crrow, Jason, and Phoenix,.. Sincerely