The ability to so easily divide and conquer large groups of human beings is based on population self-centeredness. In short, MY WANTS MATTER MOST. And so the spell of politics and the red/blue archetype is used, by bankers, to subjugate and control those who fight with their neighbor over things that do not matter and ideas that are not their own. This perversion now colors entire states and regions, ensuring division which results in the whole-sale control of total populations. At what point do we grow up and value life over petty ideas dreamed up in some dark room and then echoed out over every black box in the country, non-stop, 24/7? An adult mind that still falls for this dark nonsense has fallen to almost infantile levels of regurgitating ideas made to divide conquer. Do you think for yourself or do you regurgitate the ideas of bankers who control all govern-ment and seat each of its actors? The show must go on but will you continue to buy tickets?