314- Aquarius, an Air Age, has been Infringed with Breath (spirit) Blocking Twice now. (Free)


Ages matter in a very big way. Those who understand this are holding four aces at a table of deaf, dumb and blind gamblers bereft of chips. After all, in 1900 (in Chinatown SF), 120 years before the modern sleight of hand, the human spirit (breath) was covered causing huge numbers of respiratory infections and fatalities. This can be tied to the age and to those who understand enormous cycles of time. How you ask? The Age of Aquarius is an air age which could also be called spirit. In humans, breath is spirit and we are now living through the intentional coercive, tactical “blocking” of spirit as we enter the age of air. But this is not the first time as in 1900 another China related scare tactic was employed to block living spirits with masks. Bubonic, they called it. Maybe it was because only boobs fell for it or maybe because Bubo is the Genus of the Great Horned Owl (Bubo Virginianus). Fingerprints anyone? Suffice it to say, understanding ages matters and the game we are playing now first cycled through 120 years ago, like skyclockwork. Or maybe, like a clockwork orange – get it?