315.5- Stranger in a Strange Land – The End of the Dollar (Free Bumper)


Is it possible that the main reason for 3-11-2020 was for central banking to take total control of everything? According to those in the money market profession that is exactly what is happening now. A monetary reset of some sort also seems to be on the doorstep. Logically it seems the end of the dollar, as we know it, is near, and the attempted shift to crypto dollars in the offing. Of course, no one seems to have inside information so everything is based on logic and what we can actually see. What is very clear is the fact that the world we once knew is now changed and a new era is coming to be. What is not yet clear is what that means exactly. What we can see now is that the middle class of America no longer exists and a country of extreme have and have not is shaping up in real time. To be clear, those who have not will be the largest portion of the new world and likely dependent on government handouts and control. Lastly, the new era, in my view, will not tolerate this condition for long and human consciousness is rising in those who know how to hold their position and protect their divine spark and free will. The Golden Rule matters more now than it ever has in recent memory. If you see someone in need, and have the power to help, but do not, you are facilitating the hard cold realities facing each of us.