328- The Middle 60s, an Operational Milestone Leading to Now - Part II (Free)

This episode is part II of a series that started with episode 326 which covers the 1960s. We will close (soon) the 60s trilogy with a part III covering primarily, the Moon, Manson and Woodstock. The so-called British Invasion leads us into the mid-sixties and it is accurately named as it was, in fact, the event that leads to the fall of moral values and the family unit. Drug abuse kicks off and that will continue to present day. It also serves to lower the complexity and high-minded nature of music which is currently at an all-time low. The onset of normalized societal drug use alone will entirely change the baby boom generation and, by proxy, the world. Would it possible to have pharmaceutical corporations legally pushing drugs without the events of the 60s? I say, “No way”, the perception of what is acceptable had to change first – and it did. Violence also became common fare on the nightly news in the 60s, which served as a mechanism to normalize what had previously been shocking and unacceptable. This leads to the wholesale flaunting of murder, in the current era, as entertainment in such films as John Wick (Wizard) or any zombie film. Violence at this level would not exist without the 1960s. A decade that changed nearly everything about society and what is acceptable in our world. Here in the falling 20s, violence is entertainment. Pushing drugs is legal at the corporate level, and birthrates have plummeted for decades now. This all tracks back to the 1960s operational kick-off to world change.