338- Agent J has a Moral Epiphany and Leaves Her Field in Honor (Free)

Agent J is the author of one of the most spiritually drafted declination statements we have ever witnessed. It is almost as if higher realms sat on her shoulder as she created the document that declined an offer and stated her divine origins and uniqueness. She joins us once again, 8 months after we first met and 3 months since we last caught up. It seems she has had a moral epiphany and left her employment and her country of origin. The interview draws tears in more than one instance and reaffirms what it means to be a living woman granted the divine spark and free will. Once again we have on offer the incredible document she drafted – for those who have decided to decline an offer. Ask and you shall receive. In this interview we have a former nurse and a living woman who demonstrated how to hold your position under extreme pressure, and this in turn led to many women doing the same – all of which (to our knowledge) succeeded. All who enter here – stand tall in honor as one gifted free will, and the divine spark of creation.