114 CYMATICS shows us that Waves Create Form – Visible Sound (Free)

Date: June 28, 2018

What we now call Cymatics has been known since ancient times but has been obscured and hidden from modern minds. Why you ask? Because waves create form and everything from light to electricity travels as waves. Even our thoughts are waves. Are you ready to create some reality?

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  1. What synchronicity! I was about to suggest in the forum a guest that I heard on The Infinite Fringe with Billy Ray Valentine last Sunday, NORBZ. He has some amazing hip hop music played in 432. Lots of great songs and lyrics, with titles such as “432hz Decoded”, “Illuminaughty” and “10 Flat Commandments.” His album is on Spotify- called 618432. Would love to hear more from this amazing artist, I thought of Jason while listening to his interview with BRV.

    Thank you gentlemen for your continued tireless work.
    Blessed be