115 A Living Man Initiates a Common Law Court – All Eyes on Scotland (Free)

Date: July 4, 2018

The importance of common law is rising in human consciousness, here and now. As fate would have a living man named Robert Sproul has initiated a common law court in Scotland. It is time to set all argument aside with regard to law and witness, first hand, a common law court in action. If change is in the air, this may be where it starts.

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5 Comments so far.

  1. LivingMan says:

    i hope the people the people enjoyed the information i supplied it is all fact and true and accurate thank you to all that listened to the show

  2. VikingBerzerker says:

    thankyou robert sproul

  3. mike emdy says:

    New to site wish to download the Second Hr2….dont see link ??????

    1. Crow says:

      Up top hit the full episode link – the audio is both hours together.